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  • it's a really solid game. like technically my first tales game was abyss, which is also great, but i didn't get hooked into the series until xillia. i've been wanting to replay it lately tbh.
    i highly recommend it, even if the gameplay is dated. i was worried i would hate it bc there's no free run, but like. it's fine. it's still really fun, the characters are enjoyable, it's just. a fun time. one thing that sucks is that it's harder to keep up with sidequests compared to newer tales games, but i mean, the same could probably be said for a lot of rpgs lol.
    That guy... I just skipped over it and just "finished" the game when, in reality, I still have so much to do! At this point, replaying the whole Berseria to learn more about the combat system and actually enjoy it seems like a pretty enticing idea... I mostly control Velvet or (guess who) Eleanor, I never really tried to control anyone else, so there's that too. And guess who was the first enemy who really gave me problems, back at the start of the game? hint hint, it's me :)
    As far as DMs go, the situation is looking better already... :)
    And yes, Berseria was really a crazy experience! I thought it could go on forever and ever - in fact, even by the time I was at the last island I thought I still had so much story ahead of me! It wasn't that easy, and having to deal with all the monsters was not really my favorite part of the game but the characters kept me in, hehe!
    i felt the same when i got really into tales. i first played symphonia in 2015 and it was like. i was glad i played it, but i told myself i would never play again. well i replayed it in 2018 and i enjoyed it even more for some reason lol. like it's one of my faves now, despite just thinking 'eh it's okay' the first time. i guess it just depends. i've never really minded dated gameplay/graphics/etc that much though so idk. i think that when i played in 2015, i just was kind of burnt out? it was like my 4th tales game in a row then. but i digress lol i guess it will just depend on what gameplay style you like more. you never know, you might try an older one and enjoy how they work. i think i kind of prefer older mechanics myself.
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