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  • Rem is super sweet and cute!! She is so lovable. I love Emilia a lot, but it's hard not to love Rem. <3

    man if I weren't on vacation I'd binge watch something.. this anime talk makes me want to lol
    She's like Emilia's daughter too! From Re Zero. I love that pretty hair color *-*
    aw I like Lucoa too, would like to see more of her, including her non-human form. but kanna though omfg... and tohru <3 I forget about Elma cause she rarely gets screentime lol
    You're an obvious fan of Nonon from Kill la Kill, your profile page is ridiculously cute and adorable, you like Callie and man I can look at your avatar gif thing for days. (Just to note, I have only been recently KLK, and I only watched up to episode 7, so no spoilers please)
    Team Marie never stopped believing.

    BTW, they added a new way of getting super sea snails now that Splatfest is over. It requires having a large winning streak.
    It's Summer, but in my heart, the air is colored with the fresh scent of Spring.

    I suppose this could be called the Springtime of youth...or the Springtime of love. Regardless, I'm blooming, and it is you, my little honeybee, that I wish to extract my pollen, for my chest is tight from the surplus of it. And as you fly back to your hive, not even looking back, I will sit here like a dog waiting for its master, hoping that our next encounter can be more intimate than the last.

    After all, you are named Bella for a reason. Linda and Bonita are fitting to be sure, but Bella- or "beautiful"- defines your very soul. This beauty is hard to ignore, and I suppose this is why I find myself messaging you now. I do hope that one day you will realize what it is that I see in you, that being a vast, awe-inspiring mural of mankind's greatest achievements, all of which meld together to create such a perfect creature.
    Ano Baka. Friendship is a two-way street. I'm not about keeping favors unreturned. It's more than that, though. Knowing that someone close to me is in pain and just watching from the side is not my thing. I'd rather you be legitimately cheery, or naturally apathetic, rather then know that something's up and do nothing about it. I don't put people on platter. I don't play favorites. Friends are friends. It's a bit worrisome to me that you wanted to first person to say this, though.

    And you aren't a bother. I enjoy it when you end up talking to me about how you're feeling, your problems, and stuff like that. We don't talk nearly enough as it is, so I'll take anything I can get. Plus, as you know, I don't like it when people keep things inside.
    As for Dark Souls, I usually VC with Ayu, so sound's generally low or off. In most cases, assuming that isn't happening or I'm playing DS 2 or 3, I listen to random music I'm recommended or, classic, Cafe de Touhou. It's super chill, which completely betrays the dismal nature of the franchise works sooooo well. And it made death less frustrating.

    As for Touhou, I say start with 8, if you're having trouble. Apart from its kickass OST and overall fun cast, it's definitely the easiest next to 13. I'd recommend giving it a poke, because other than 9 it's the only main entry I've beaten so far.
    I've been trying to reach out to you for a while, though. Because I worry about you quite a bit and often. And more than that, I worry that you don't have someone you can rely on, yourself. Someone I would be more than happy to be- both for your sake and for my own reasons.

    The one-on-one's been in their "to-do list" for almost/over two months now. Back when I was originally intending to leave discord post-drama, Ayu basically wanted to contact that way since I didn't want to be in the server we were both apart of- this being before Friends were a thing. Supposedly now it's coming soon, soon, but I dunno. I suppose we'll see.

    But I get where you're coming from. I suppose I have to be the opposite, myself, because I usually intend to get to know the others more personally, even if I don't have the social capacity to do so. More private calls are that way rather than parties where it's more casual and small-talkey, so I tend to opt for the former. That's a large reason why I'm into smaller chat-based rooms, as well.
    You know, getting you to VM me back was actually an exciting prospect. I don't really get to talk to you that often. So needless to say, my negligence here is fucking shitty. Absolutely fucking shitty. Especially when I see you like you are today. It just...it isn't right. I'm sending this in parts because I don't want to miss you before you head off to dreamland. Try to smile a bit. I'm sorry about all this.
    Well you shouldn't be. You were one of my priorities as well. Was it loses meaning if I say this a lot, or two too many people, and I can understand if it wouldn't mean anything to anybody by this point, I do care about my friends. That means you, too. To be honest, I wanted to talk to you quite a while ago. You should also voice more if you like it, you have a good voice.

    But I'm glad you're enjoying the fight. You got this. And hey, if it doesn't prime you to get back into dark souls, it might do something for your enthusiasm to get back into Touhou. Speaking of, you should check out the site games that are being released on the PS4. You might be interested in some of them. Actually two of them back when they were just some doujin titles released at Comiket.

    Good morning, by the way. Sleep well?
    By the way, how are you feeling right now? I haven't asked in a while. I hope you're doing well. Right now I'm just sleepy.

    Sorry if I seemed a bit snippy yesterday. Well, the day before yesterday now. I was having a...I was in a bad mood and I get pretty cynical and snarky when I'm in a bad mood. Ugh. I didn't mean to get on your case like that.
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