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  • Heheh...sorry for the lack of a reply, I really do appreciate you VMing meh. Are you having bad times yet?

    But I suppose I'm good. I would rather you enjoy playing the game The way you want to rather than trudging through the whole thing for the sake of completion. I'm glad to hear that you're having fun.
    Thank you very much. ^^

    We might have met before. I'm not sure. Prior to this last week, I went inactive for well over a year. ^^;
    Hey there. It's very nice to meet you. Thought I send you a VM to tell you that your avatar is completely adorable. ^_^
    Hey. Message me about things. Otherwise I'll be forced to try to socialize, myself, and you don't want that.
    I also apologize for my delay! I've been so busy with school :,D But that's done now~ And, yes! I am very proud of my score so far. <3 Hoping to make it even better with lots of video game music and electronica. XD I'll have to check your ranking and stuff out!
    Hay hay!

    We have talked somewhat on Discord, but never here. So Ill just leave a lovely VM for you :)

    How are you doing?
    Hey ki-

    Heh. Right. You don't like me calling you that. 's Luna fine? Sounds pretty nice, and she's voiced by Laura Bailey in Virtue's Last Reward, so the name sticks all that much better to me.

    You been watching anything, recently? Playing any games? I'm interested, you don't talk about this stuff much.
    Mostly because neither of us wanted to give up and things rapidly degenerated. xD
    Probably. There's that whole suppression of bad memories thing one puts oneself through instinctively...that's mostly why my short-term memory is so awful, haha.
    It's hard to find something to play after you finish a long, awesome game...it's not quite burnout, but you just don't feel like anything will compare. Especially when it's Xenoblade, aha.
    Yeah, he is a bit...trigger happy, with those. I think he's around Level 82 or so. I was kinda sad I stormed him so easily in my second playthrough...I love the final boss tracks. Both of them.
    The story is barely even there, it's so depressing. Exploration is AMAZING, but you have to play through a good chunk of the game to get a proper Skell - you initially don't have one with flight - so it's...an exercise in patience. But navigation is very easy. I wouldn't recommend it, though.
    There's also the Mumkhareeper meme, which is disturbing as hell, haha. Bestest is the Bestest Nopon. Better than Riki, better than Tatsu, better than the Noponis. Tis' awesome

    And this somehow slipped right under my radar, derp.
    I don't know if they're so much duels as they are the sudden random dropping of cluster bombs...all it takes is one comment to spark a chain reaction and nuke the page, haha.
    Time just kinda blends into an indistinct haze if things are bad enough, no? I couldn't tell you too much of the last three years, save for a couple of highly traumatic moments that shocked me back to reality, as such. It's weird how we cope with daily life in the long term.
    It's a good game to do it with, albeit a painfully long one. What are you going to move on to now, do you think?~
    It's a fair worry - I didn't enjoy those two late-game bosses either...I'm going to assume the second one is the final boss, considering how phenomenally unfair that can be...I was getting chain-attacked to hell and back in that first phase.
    You don't want to go there, trust me...not if you're expecting an experience like Xenoblade. The story is horrific; it doesn't go anywhere and it's undeveloped. That said, the exploration part is soooooooo much fun, especially when you get your Skell...and the flight module. Ooverrr the raaaaaainbow~
    If a catastrophe were imminent, it would naturally be preceded by bestest. YTP is often odd, but it has its moments. It's also why I started laughing so hard when you actually singled out the bestest line without even knowing it was a meme. xD
    Hey babe.

    I've seen you around, and I have to say, you truly are a beautiful kitten.

    You put on a nice smile, but I can hear the Bella of your heart ringing out in despair. Asking for someone, anyone to answer its call.

    But no one answers.

    Your face doesn't deserve to be stained with painful tears borne from unhealing scars so agonizing that day by day they tear a your soul. It's not right. It eLisits in me similar feelings. Ones that I can't deny. But as with all things, be they loving friendships or the strain of loss, it must have a beginning and an end. So how about you let me be the Omega to those hurtful days and let me show you the Genesis of true love and happiness?
    Why do I have to do it? ._. /lazy I might not be on PC Discord much more anyway; I don't really use it...more focused on my own channel. It's not really a good place for an uninterrupted duel anyway
    Well, some people block out bad memories, others don't. When they're all you've got it's kinda difficult to block them out, haha. I wonder that sometimes about people I used to talk to; whether they're on other forums or doing other things, etc.
    Well, it was more like 36 hours, which isn't bad going. How did you find the game overall? I still think it's the greatest game ever created; it's got so many plot twists its ridiculous. Plus the voice acting. The battle system. The soundtrack. The world. It's a shame the spiritual successor lost about 80% of the spirit.
    I'll smash that future! But since I'm rarely if ever in the main Discord it seems unlikely unless you get Chromy and me in a room somehow...
    I only remember the bad things...which means I remember most of it, haha. Well, asides my exams. Those are a blur. But I've never been able to remember an exam when I've come out of it; my mind goes somewhere else whilst the smart bit of my brain takes over. A PC memories thread might be fun, but for us newbies we wouldn't get half of it. xD
    ...if you can get past Lorithia, anyway. You will pay for your insolence thinking you can finish the game within 24 hours!

    6/10. Today's the day.

    You feeling particularly pumped? Or- how are you feeling in general? It's been a little while since I checked in, and I can't have leader's little sister feeling anything other than genki af
    Oh alright just gotta um find that xD
    And omg ik Im gonna get on and play it after i finish my work
    So disgustingly sickening
    That mine eyes turn black
    should they not be removed.
    For it is not the past that creates despair
    But the future, where it resides.

    To feel despair is to feel anxiety
    Despair is pain
    Despair is weakness
    Despair is fear
    And in holding that anxiety
    Shaking at an unknown darkness
    We give ourselves to it prematurely
    Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Hope is light.
    Its absence strengthening the darkness
    But even the smallest glimmer can be blinding
    Hope is joy
    Hope is motivation
    Hope is love
    Hope is sadness
    Hope is heartbreak
    Hope is anger
    Hope is insanity
    Hope is despair

    That seems unlikely to happen anytime soon, either on Discord or off it. xD
    I don't think these things even existed when I was a teenager...well, when I was a teenage inclined to spread these things. Which is a relief; I doubt I'd be able to face the shame, haha. I can't believe how much that stuff made me laugh...I've been too afraid to open that thread again even though I have it bookmarked. It might set me off again >.>
    Good, very good :3
    Chromy might think he spawns all the memes on Discord, and it may appear that way to others, but if you go deeper you'll find that isn't the case...
    Guess chains are an...acquired taste. You're just too classy for that kind of thing!
    Well, as long as you're sleeping enough, I guess it doesn't matter when you sleep...but make sure you get enough, mmkay? You probably need it more than I do =P
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