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  • Yeah!

    Also, if I recall correctly, I remember you mentioning that you enjoyed a good super powers game... You might want to keep an eye out early this summer, because I'll be rebooting a something along those lines ;)
    Haha, I know that feeling all too well...

    Glad to hear you'r enjoying it though, hope I get the pleasure of joining something you're in sometime!
    Pretty good, how about you?

    Been seeing you're name around the RPT quite a bit nowadays, how's that going?
    Nothing specific. Just play to your character and look busy for the incoming visitor. How do you think your character would react to a brazen, sarcastic person?
    Hello. Fennekin210 again (call me Fen). Did my PM get through to you? If not, can you please respond to my IC post addressed to Silver? I am sorry to be a nag, but I just wanna be sure if you were going to respond to prepare my next post. Thank you
    do you have any idea on how to interact? I have set up in my previous post a secret meeting between two families to exchange a relic. we can do that if you want to.
    I'll get back to you in a few hours. I just need to go to class. I'll think of one scene lol
    Let's do back and forth interaction first. I think I might be away for a few days to get a proper JP creation. with this, at least one of us is posting lol.
    want to interact in Venice? Nothing's happening much so I don't have much to post about lol
    Well, see ey, if I let one person encroach on my territory than another follows. And from there on it just grows like, ya know, filthy weeds and ey, I can't have that you know. That's why I'm weeding, weeding the gardens of the R.P.T!
    *Checks your friendlist*

    Dang it, he's right! Than I shall resort to my last, well, resort!

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