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  • Oh haha, is that so? While I would say I envy your free time, for all I know you could be more busy than I am. What do you preoccupy your time with?
    No problem! And thank you as well! I'm still trying to better my skill in RPing, so what better way than to be in one? Will learn with Prudence down the road, and hopefully I manage to take advantage of this potential and not let it get to waste haha.

    I hope this Christmas holiday is going well for you? At least for those in college and school, vacation should have started or will start (:
    Can I just stop by to say that I really am looking forward to learning more about your character in Dragon's RP? I adore him already, he's comedic and so relieving to me in this sea of stress haha. Couldn't help but point that out, and that I hope you have a good time in the RP (: And hello!
    shut up we all know you're packin some hot tidies

    Now whether they are dorito tiddies or baby tiddies, that is the true mystery
    whoa what I'm a _memer_ sir not an animator and video editing is a second passion of mine so that too

    though if you did give me drawings of each character in each frame I could edit that together

    Hraha! But of course, Ech (if indeed I may call you that, I apologize that I cannot properly choose between Mr. and Ms.), and don't you worry: intelligence isn't all it's cracked up to be!
    And as long as we're on the topic, I must admit that you also remind me of myself, if only I were more active as an artist.
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