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  • i'm kinda tempted to just ask you for your tables, haha

    it's likely just problems on my end~
    thanks for sticking with me through this, haha...

    EDIT: when going into a battle, the game resets after adding in setlevel2 at 0x08A00800 (for setting the level to the middle of your party in double battles, i believe?) and then making the necessary byte changes at 0x0803A798. this is the freeze that i was talking about in the past few days~

    setlevel hasn't been working at all (using setlevel2 as setlevel); wild pokémon still appear at their pre-defined levels. capturing a pokémon works finely until you get to the naming screen, where it resets if you choose yes or no to nicknaming the pokémon. dynamic wild pokémon don't seem to work as well. double battles won't load when setting var 0x40F3 to 0x1, and setting it to 0x2 (in order to get the no-run effect) makes the game reset upon entering a battle. dynamic attack moves don't seem to work; various pokémon have moves not defined in the table.

    your system of energy/hunger works nicely in every aspect except for the push_respawn and/or warp_respawn. i set up the bed calling push_respawn, and then wait for either my hunger value or my energy value to reach one, at which time the proper warning comes up for whichever i'm being depleted of, energy's warning taking priority over that of hunger's. another thing that happens frequently is the messing around with play time, which is sort of not expected? yet again, i don't know

    everything you've modified of the startup routines works for me~ i'm able to skip the intro and name myself differently.

    your edited DNS system works down to the illumination of the one color~ everything with it works perfectly with it~

    it then becomes difficult to say what actually works for the new battle things i've added in of yours. it doesn't seem like anything is working, haha... it however is fairly obvious from your videos that it works for you, so... i don't know :)

    i have as of this moment not tried to do anything with your new fishing/surfing system. i'll do that now~

    if you'd like, you can talk in spanish to prevent any errors in explanation and to stay as comfortable as possible. i promise, i'm a lot better at reading it than i am at writing it!

    EDIT2: it also appears as if the routine "textbox-pals-dinamicos" to be placed at 0x08A00A00 is also not present <3

    okay then

    we'll put them all in again in a moment and test after each one really quickly

    EDIT: it seems as if either push_respawn or warp_respawn isn't working correctly? after setting up a "bed" in the protagonist's room, the game sends us back to the truck even after using the bed (which I made sure calls push_respawn in the script). the thing is, there doesn't seem to be anything that would be wrong with the ASM involved? push_respawn puts the warp data in ram, warp_respawn uses that to warp you to the correct location...
    eh, it's okay, i guess

    it's not included as a compiled .bin, either, haha, which was more my point~

    i used the offsets that you provided so as to get everything to a T

    it should work with the default table, correct? or would we theoretically have to use a different table with the new

    that sort of confused me because "setlevel2" is used later in the document for double wild battles~

    thanks for the answers and sorry for my noobishness

    EDIT: upon receiving any sort of pokémon after inserting your wild battle things, the game freezes. it also freezes directly after seeing the copyright screen upon booting up, rendering the game virtually unplayable to all without a save state...
    guau, ¿es mi español tan malo? jaja, ok...
    ¿qué te hace pensar que yo usé google translate? por supuesto, necesito mejorarlo si piensas que entenderías mejor en ingles :(

    that's kind of dejecting lol, i was trying to be formal because i respect what you've done and really, really do like it

    anyways, how are you? how's life?

    EDIT: when inserting everything into a ROM, pals-infinitas.txt was unincluded with the other routines in the overall hacked engine:
    si le gustaría, puedo tranducir su documento "asm.txt" (y otros) a ingles así que personas pueden entender más facilmente

    y por cierto, ¡me encanta lo que ha hecho en la escena de romhacking! espero que usted continue a hacer muchas cosas más~
    Hello I would like to ask if you could share your double wild battle routine for ruby, I would like to have it for my hack called Pokemon Advanced Ruby, thanks for answer in advance
    Also intresting me routine with changing wild battle music <And if possible good for trainer too> Since now Johto in my hack using currently Hoenn Wild Battle <but I have Johto themes in rom instered>
    Hey dude. I going to ask you about share with me Wild Double Pokemon Battle routine. It will help in my hack creation
    Hey man, would you mind sending me your custom wild pokemon asm? I trying to make one for Emerald and its not going well. How did you go about doing it?
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