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El Héroe Oscuro
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  • Just got out today! It was nicer than most other options (aka hotel room with no open windows) - we had a couple adjacant units and a balcony we could sit on, and walk to laundry facilities every 3 days. But yeah, it did drag, and it isn't cheap either...

    State I am moving to has 0 cases atm so freedom there, unless something breaks out again. The east (other) side of Aus has lockdowns and many cases now.
    I mean, do you have much of an interest in literature aimed at small children? :')
    Dude where did we leave off.. well.. a pandemic happened like 2 years after I moved to London.. still in gamedev but a different company :D um.. what else.. well not much because we're all staying home, huh? I'm old now though, so that's new. (See what I did there?)

    What about you? I'm sure you must have more exciting things to fill me in on!!!
    Yes, that's one way to put it... Have hung in there too.

    I was in South Africa last few years, just moved back to Aus for a new job on the other side to where I was, doing some online flat hunting while in mandatory quarantine.
    That's good to here!

    I'm still dealing with the same health issues and stuff but it's not getting any worse which is something. I've been focusing on trying to build something out of writing. Released a picture book a little ways back (idr if I told you about that) and I just finished a short novel for a contest. If I don't place in that, I'm going to go through and re-edit that then publish that myself as well. Working on a couple of other projects too. So I'm keeping myself busy for the most part!
    as an introvert being here doesn't do anything for me lol ): then again it'd prolly be the same anywhere else tbh but i want a change in scenery!!!!
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