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El Héroe Oscuro
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  • hello
    Good!!! wanna be home but it's only the start of the work week aaaa
    Congrats on the promotion! What's involved with the job atm?

    Pretty good overall. Bunch of stuff happened in the past year. Major things including Finishing my PhD and recently starting a postdoc research position in Cape Town, working with a new telescope here!
    Hey, el hero! We were discussing opening up apps earlier this week in fact, so keep your eyes peeled. ;)

    How goes, btw?
    Just swell, just getting back into work after summer vacay aaaaaa feels weird (and confined ): )

    Hows you?
    mat!! well, how about you?? it's been a while aaaa i was actually thinking yesterday about how you're doing hahaha
    Shame to hear you retire (again)... gonna be so weird to see VG living on just one person running it. At least it means 2018 will likely mean a new generation of mods for the section.
    Crap im so bad at replying sometimes. If I dont answer right away, I dont answer for a while lol.

    Thanks for your condolences. I'm glad that everyone in my family has been able to deal with their emotions in a healthy manor and I'm seeing my grandfather over thanksgiving, so he wont be too lonely.

    Yea now bowling is over and (most) college apps are in. I have a lot more time and a lot less stress thankfully. My grades are improving massively, which is great.

    I never had to pull an ultimatum with him about my sister- he moved on to other girls. He's just one of those guys that hits on every girl.
    went to Salem for halloween stuff. stayed in Woburn at hotel. went to Boston to explore.

    favorite part of trip was Boston. love it.
    I just got home from a trip to Woburn / Salem / Boston. Loved it so much.
    this is going to be a chain of late replies because im ALSO BUSY lmfao
    but I haven't!! it's a shame I haven't, but damn that game is a beauty.

    Have you tried Cuphead recently? That's another beauty game that I'm playing AHA!
    Oh man honnestly, they are terrible. The N64 is my favorite console of all time, but you know, it was the birth of the 3D in games. A few did it extremely well, most did it terribly. Toy Story 2 happens to fall in that second category lol. The game is super fun when I'm not yelling at the shitty camera though. :P
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