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El Héroe Oscuro
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  • Obviously talking about Pokemon itself would be nice. I haven't really explored the forums for the games like I've wanted and this weekend has been so busy with my trip. Right now I'm just trying to stay active in off topic and get to know everyone. Nice to see good activity, most forums these days are so dead.
    Love it here. Wish I would have joined sooner. Only thing is I'm so busy I don't really have time to post in all the topics I want.

    It's nice to meet you!
    Ahh the good old job hunting. Best of luck with that, hopefully you'll land something soon! I'm reviewing Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue for the N64, a game I've been wanting to play again since the first time I played it in the early 2000s!
    Not too bad at all, man. Been working on dat first review for the VG sub. Hoping that'll be a nice change after all those industry bashing threads I've been seeing lately lol. How are things on your end?
    sorry for ranting

    i just had to get it all out because i dont have anywhere else to rant. i cant to my parents because i have to stay strong for my dad because he is in a really tough place right now at work and with his mom dying.
    my grandmother just died. i went to her viewing today and i will be a part of the funeral tomorrow as a pallbearer and reader. So not so well I guess. Im also going to be 3 days behind on school as a result. my grades aren't doing as well as they should and its going to be tough making up a ton of tests and quizzes and doing well on them. +I have to finish college essays at the same time and I'm captain of the bowling team, so I have to lead my team to victory after some bad losses. and i have to deal with this one dick on the team and another dude thats trying to hit on my sister which is NOT appropriate considering their ages. and my dad si really on edge with work and crap and his mother dying, so trying to appease him is difficult because literally everything sets him off. I'm also trying to lose weight, which is really difficult because my medication i have to take increases the fat content in me and the meals we eat at home are total shit. I also run a charity at my school and getting started is always super difficult. and when i get back to school a ton of people are going to try to talk to me about politics and crap because i run the politics club at school. I'm just not mentally prepared for serious discussions right now. I'm really stressed

    what about you?
    Don't mind me bby I'm just sliding in your VMs following that cute reply you left me xoxo
    Is that Hyper Light Drifter as your pic? Nice man!

    I absolutely loved the game. Never 100% finished it (activate all nodes and collect everything) though because while moving PCs I lost my save (the one in app data apparently doesn't want to work) and while I did start a new game I didn't finish it before I got my hand on other games. Maybe I'll get back to beating it fully some time.
    I'm in Algebra this year. (Class is called Algebra 2)
    We're currently doing absolute value.
    Sales-wise I think it'll perform very well. 3DS has a large install base, it's the #1 best selling game on Amazon right now, and usually comeback titles sell plenty, like Prime 1. It'd be impressive if it eclipses Prime 1's sales, but 3D games tend to sell more so it's unlikely.

    As for the quality of the game, the reviews are looking real nice. Admittedly I haven't been following news on the game too much, but controlling Samus seems very smooth and intuitive. I like that it's not just a remake either, they're adding new content and bosses too. Hopefully it has some sequence breaking, though that isn't a necessity.
    So I guess I was right about one of our teams being destroyed, but I was wrong about which team.

    Not getting my hopes up about our offense because your pass defense is absolutely garbage, though, and your line is also atrocious. #21 on your team was getting burned by Diggs with regularity and bit damn hard on that play-action for our first touchdown.
    My team's offensive is atrociously anemic, though. And the defense doesn't look like the worldbeaters they were the first half of last season.
    who do you have in mind? to be honest, she was the reason i actually went to watch the film haha
    I have a feeling one of our teams is just going to come out flat and be destroyed, and I think it's far more likely to be mine.
    So there are 13 zones in the game, with 8 of them being remastered zones from previous game, and 5 being totally original zones. But there are enough changes in the remastered zones (like secret paths, enemies, music) that it feels like a whole new experience.
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