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  • Hey, I'm planning to revive the Kinyo roleplay (sort of a soft re-boot), just wondering if you're still interested in it/have the time for it. If so, let me know! If not, that's okay too.
    I think we are set to become best friends in GO in 4 days now! If you are around on the Discord I will message you so we can coordinate opening it at the right time
    it's okay no rush! Just happy to be able to coordinate it. I would have loved to coordinate ultra friends as well but didn't realize who it was until after
    hey we are getting pretty close to best friends in pokemon go i think(i am awildcastform) 24 more days! would you like to coordinate opening the last gift so we can use a lucky egg?
    Seeing as you're dropping from the role-play, do you mind if Jack Frost kills off your character? When he intercepts Darren and Deacon of course. I'm fine with not doing that if you're not okay with it, just wondering. :)
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