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  • (Ugh sorry for the massive delay :< )
    I haven't heard that album. But yes, the classic Slash vs Axl (more like Axl vs everyone) feud kind of ruined them I think.

    Haha, it must be a sight to behold! I'm usually not that enthusiastic. Not that there's much metal being played at parties, or any place in general over here. It's a massively overlooked genre in this country. Haven't been to many concerts sadly, also because of that reason - there aren't many. There was Machine Head right in this very city last February and I would have loved to have attended, but it was in mid exam season (WHY) and I'm hoping to go see Maiden in Lisbon next July, but I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to go. There is only one festival here that usually brings known metal bands and I haven't been able to go yet.

    I do have an old Sega Saturn though! I don't know if it still works, but I have this disc of an old Dragon Ball (<3) game and I used to spend so. much. time. on it. And Sonic the Hedgehog of course. Oh, those were the days, I didn't have to worry about school the way I do now. Not even close. I do hope I find my GBA someday.
    This place is quite welcoming for new people, usually newcomers blend in quite easily. 5+ years ago it wasn't so easy, but now people are really chill, as you must have noticed by now!
    Aww. You better get a better eating schedule then? c:
    I am procrastinating cleaning my apartment teheheheh

    Thanks! It was actually made my by friend as a birthday gift for me! So it's me with an Octillerbaby because Octillery <3
    Could your friend use more Pokemon TCGO codes? I got a few booster packs, and definitely want to help people enjoy the game!
    Nice songs on those two bands as well! I don't really follow them closely though :P

    I was introduced to Iron Maiden by a friend of mine. The first Maiden song he showed me was Aces High. I was like "this is nice". Then The Trooper ("Wow"). Then Fear of the Dark ("Damn!"). Then The Number of the Beast, and I was sold. Immediately made it a goal to listen to as many songs of theirs as possible.
    The latest album is really nice I think - It still has some of the (kind of) proggy approach they've been doing in the last few albums, but you can still make out those classic Maiden riffs and melodies. Death or Glory, When the River Runs Deep and Speed of Light are the ones most reminiscent of their older stuff I think, and Tears of a Clown has a slower, kind of a rock approach. The title track is nice, the opener is quite heavy, The Red and the Black is classic Harris songwriting, and Empire of the Clouds is Dickinson's magnum opus no doubt. Such a great song.

    I agree! Pop seems so... synthetic and unnatural sometimes. In rock and metal shows, people seem so more connected to the music and the band members, the interaction seems to be much better and more heartfelt. They actually know the band, they know the lyrics instead of only a couple of the words in the chorus, they identfy so much more with what's going on. In Opeth live shows you have Mikael cracking jokes all the time. I feel like rockheads and metalheads have so much more in common between them, and that helps a lot.

    I've never owned a PlayStation in my life :( Was never too interested in trying to emulate it on the computer. I guess the PC games themselves got me hooked enough hehe! Was never much of a console person (there were limitations I couldn't control too), I can't even remember where my good ol' GBA is.
    Was never much on Serebii honestly. Never really looked like a comfortable place but that may just be me being used to PC :3
    Iron Maiden is one of my all-time favourites! :D They're the ones that made me like metal in the first place. Loving the latest album from start to finish. I don't think there's anything from them I dislike, honestly. I can't say I listen to much of the others you stated regularly, but I do know most of them and it's good stuff.
    Another favourite of mine is Megadeth, been following them almost religiously (lel) since the first time I listened to Rust in Peace. It's on a similar style as the first Metallica albums, and I also enjoy some Judas Priest and Motorhead from time to time. Pantera and Nevermore are two others I like a lot. Also Opeth, I love Opeth - I'm not big into the death metal thing, but those guys are in a class of their own.

    I've never really tried to do rom hacking - okay maybe I did in my first year or so here, total failure - it was mostly to play some of those that were around. I lost interest fairly quickly.
    Well all this activity has sucked me in several times - I always keep coming back here somehow - and it has screwed up a tight schedule a few times, haha :D
    I've never play either! :3
    I was only listening to some VGM songs on youtube and this one came up :p This game has very good songs tho.
    Hehe. Any other bands in the same genre you enjoy, or are you not that much of a metal fan?
    Try Nyan Cat, that should be a nice rhythm for it! Maybe you can make it a Nyan Ditto :D Well I joined over 9 years ago, I can't remember why I did. Probably rom hacks or something, but gave up fairly quickly and pretty much stuck in the Treehouse and Playground since then. (They had different names back then) People here are generally nice, making friends is not hard at all :3
    My inspiration is driven from guys like Celldweller and Blue Stahli, who still make music today, but they first surfaced in the late 90s/early 2000s.

    Personally, no.
    Trap isn't my style.
    I think the easiest achievement for me to get was probably one of the taunt related ones. I also recall that the first achievement I got in Team Fortress 2 was probably Rasputin. I got that achievement way back in 2011. Since then I have gotten 190 of the 518 achievements. Do you recall what was the first achievement you got?
    I see you're quite recent here! You seem quite cool and nice, and your liking of Metallica suggests a nice music taste. :) Love that dancing Ditto, I find it funny. How are you enjoying this place?
    Though the latter is more of an attempt.

    I'm an electronic musician.
    I use FL Studio 10 to make my work, have so for the past five years.
    I also struggle with the Medic Achievements as well. Medic and Scout are the only two classes where I have not gotten any of their milestone achievements. I have gotten at least one milestone achievement with each of the other classes.
    I haven't been making much progress when it comes to making friends, but..!
    I'm trying!
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