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  • Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I do like every region myself, but nowadays the Hoenn games are my least favorites, mostly because of how annoying it is to train your Pokémon in them. x_x

    As for B2/W2, you might like these quite a bit, especially if you didn't care much for Black and White on their own. Gens V and VI are what most of my challenges have been. Are your challenges all done through emulation?
    So you did a Mono-Color, it seems. That's always cool, more people should come to enjoy that since it's different from the Monotype :P You did Platinum, I see, which is arguably the hardest game in the series... And seems you'll be doing B2/W2 next. Will this be your first challenge on them? Because in your blog I didn't see anything of yours on those games, I could be wrong though, haha.
    Hey there! I did friend you not that long ago, so I felt it'd be worth asking what compels you to want to do solos for the original 151? You look like you've been a long time challenger so there must be a lot you've gotten to do.
    Didn't realize you joined exactly a day after me. I just turned 6 years old on PC yesterday, and now it's your turn! Happy PCversary! I hope you find the time to come back. We miss you! :) Hope everything is well on your end.
    I'm probably going to end up making that challenge soon, since the gym leader challenges are getting...really, really bad lmao. Like...they suck. But whenever you come back, if you want to take it over, I will gladly let you since you were going to make it originally anyway. :)
    That's fine, dear. No rush! I hope everything gets better though! We definitely miss you being around. :)
    No rush. :) I was just letting you know that you didn't have to alert me that you would be sending it in haha.
    btw, when you're ready to post that challenge, you can just go ahead and submit it and I'll do what I need to do with the other threads once I see it waiting for approval.
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