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  • So glad to know that you are going to take big strides this time. I am still waiting to start my adventure in stranded, and I guess I don't have to wait much longer. Hope my wait will be worth it.

    Yeah, I agree. If you put too much focus on it, then it might turn out to be a love story hack..:) on the other hand, perhaps, if it is done in a subtle way, it could give a fresh feel to the hack. In any case, I won't mind a subtle romantic angle to a hack, as it is pretty close to reality :) "Search for the girl" BGM is pretty close to my heart and I guess other people would love it as well. From this day onwards, I am shipping the Male Protagonist x Arane ship as well..!!
    By the way, Who is this Arane girl??
    Well, Monastic Bubble is best for tackling exams in my opinion. Wishing you best of luck for the exams mate, hope you come out with flying colours. So, exams are finishing on 24th, and you want to work on Stranded right from 25th, huh! I am anticipating massive updates on the game. Hey, by the way, you have not given up on that romantic sunset scene that we talked about on the discord, right? Would you like to insert a romantic BGM for that scene? How about "Search for the girl" theme from Pokemon Heroes movie. I just love it. It's so romantic, serene and cute I never get bored with it. Here is the link:


    Remix from GlitchxCity:


    As for me, I am pretty busy with the office these days. Life is catching up with me a bit sooner than I expected.
    Hello there my friend!
    Long time no hear. How are you keeping up? Any updates on Stranded?
    also what patch did u use on leon's rom base?
    the 807 0r the customizebale 1 (also is the customizable 1 do have all of the moveset of the pokemon?)
    can u tell me how did u implement easynav device on your hack? i'll give credits
    Sorry for the late reply. I don't really wanna get into that ASM language or something. It's really beyond me ??????. Thank you for your attention though. Really helped me out!
    I would try overwriting the mega evo and other features with those from the CFRU to keep all references consistent. The only issues will arise if the relevant hooks are in different places so I recommend making a backup
    1. The artists are credited in the main post. If there is no credit given, I made the sprite. But IMO you can just credit the contributors of the dynamic surf overworld resource.

    2. the DPE is just for expanding the pokedex above 386. You can use the CFRU without it just fine. You can also turn off most features in src/config.h. But worse case you end up adding features and just not using them.

    Hope this helps!
    Hey it's me again. I have one more question. What if I want to set a farbyte's value to another variable like 0x4001? It gives the error "Overflow" when I try to use the command "copyvar 0x02XXXXXX 0x4001". Is this possible though? Thanks.
    Thanks so much for this explanation. But my question was different. I asked if I can manipulate the RAM Variables (link) on a script.

    Let's say I want to check if gender is equal to male.

    Here's the address of the value of the gender variable. I want to use this variable in my script. How can I do that? Do those addresses behave like normal variables like 0x4001?

    Thanks in advance.
    Iirc entry 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the background's palette will blink if they have palette 0xF attached to it in the tilemap. So make sure the tiles that use those entries of the palette that will have palette 0xF attached to it are supposed to blink.

    And yes, everyone is free to use them;)
    Hi! 3.2 was alright, but 5.5 is certainly a lot better;)

    The tileset is put together by myself. The tiles originate from various tiles that are publicly available and tiles made by myself. I mention everyone I used tiles from in the credits.

    Everything I make is free to use, as long as credit is given and you don't pretend you've made it yourself;)
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