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Ephemeral Euphoria
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  • It's a Pokemon Showdown server, we hang out, chat, battle each other and have tournaments. It's a ton of fun.
    Yes, gimme beer pls!

    Distracting myself with Pokemon, lol, been doing nothing but battling online for a whiiiile now. I need a vacation.
    Same, always. Back hurts and everyone is annoying right now. Woo!
    It'll get better when I get home, though.

    How is this Christmas season treating you?
    "Banned for too much pink."

    Oh yeah? TAKE THIS

    Yea I know, I prefer the warmer seasons but winter is nice as long as I'm inside.
    Getting buzzed while making lunch owns, that sounds like a good day off imo B)
    Well I woke up to see that my windows are all frosty, so winter is definitely on its way! That was kind of exciting.
    I'm getting ready to go to work... It's a weekend so it's gonna be pretty busy.
    How are you?
    I wouldn't join, since I already head my own, but it does sound cool. And yeah I don't use any of them online tv things I just youtube a lot
    I am pretty good at the raid. Especially as a relic runner at the beginning or a platform jumper at the final two bosses. And no I don't netflix
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