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  • Oh not fun motherboards are not cheap to replace. What kind of board is it?
    Try putting the hard drive into a ziplock bag and making sure that all the air is out, then put it into your freezer for a few hours then take it out and use a hair dryer to defrost it.
    Yeah! Gonna check that out! Can you also rip some tiles from Prof. Elm's lab, Prof. Oak's lab, and if you can find the house which you have traded the Red Scale to Exp. Share, also extract those tiles? Just a reference though.

    Have you read chapter 72? I think it was out a few days ago.
    And, yeah! Chapter 73 will contain some action. :D
    Nah. Im not that good at drawin. The credits shoulda been at the bottom of the image, are they not?
    But anyways those are in rpg maker style(so 32x32) so you will need to resize them. And this should help quite a bit with saving some time ripping.
    Not too well. Been working a lot lately and havent had much time to rip tiles.:(
    Im googling and ripping when I can though!
    Yeah. But they will reward tons of bucks if I put effort on those commissions. Haha!

    I will be waiting for more rips then. Sorry that I can personally do the rips on my own. Can't do or load much stuff in my netbook.

    Dafuq! Did I just see spoilers of AoT Chapter 72? Damn! Can't wait to be read it whole. :3
    Yeah. I can make those. I'm actually pausing hacking for a while. I just got real life commissions here. But, it wouldn't be too soon (I think it will take a least a week). Haha!
    I mean is something may or may not worth working on. If someone enjoys it then it is good.
    Nope. Haven't watched that. Yeah! I do watch Akame. I'm just loyal to anime anyway (AoT is the only manga I'm reading).

    Hmm... maybe I can do the collages later. Glad that someone you know who can help you to the things are almost nonsense (if you know what I mean).
    Well i couldnt find those tiles in Desume so Im trying out your method and using spikey.
    Yep. I'm always catching up. I haven't watched the compilations yet.

    Oh, you're still extracting eh? Hmm... may I ask what programs do you use to extract? Google have failed to have HGSS interior tiles as I look for elite four room, almost everything I need are interior tiles.
    Well I have a few hours of free time today, if you need me to do something I can.
    Also I found most of the Ruis of Alph tileset. Im in the process of ripping them.
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