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    Will you ever do a Gold Hoenn? Since gen3 still has not been made into a gen2dex
    Hi everyone,

    Just to remind you, or notice you, that Pokémon Gold Unova, Gold sinnoh and New Gold Era are now final for real this time, and have been updated considerably!

    Mainly, I have made many corrections, and adjustemnts regarding movesets, texts, maps, etc.

    Enjoy them! ;)
    Hi! If you're interested, I made a final update to Pokémon Yellow Advanced.

    For short, most Pokémon can learn new moves (from Gen 1, of course!) while they level-up as well. These moves have been taken from future generations (Even up to Gen 8!), egg moves or duplicates of the same great and essential moves that needed to be relearned (To avoid a Pokémon from being walled completely!). Each moveset have been carefully done, and in total, 553 new moves have been added among the 151 Pokémon (Except Ditto, Caterpie, Weedle and Magikarp, of course!)!

    - Many important items have reduced prices (Mostly inspired by Pokémon Crystal's clearance sales of Goldenrod City's Dept-Store rooftop). The items include Poké Balls, potions, full Heal, revives, vitamins, etc. This will help you, especially in the beginning!
    - Some items, such as the Moon Stone, Ether and Elixer, now have a price, to match the legal price in later games.

    Also, I corrected most texts, and i kept or improved the changes I did before.

    Here's the website: https://pokemonyellowadvanced2019.wordpress.com/

    Have a nice day! ;)
    I saw you've submitted Gold Sinnoh to Romhacking.net, it got accepted today, but you made the download link an external link. External links are only meant to be used if the file size is over 30 MB.
    Hi everyone!

    I want to tell you all that Pokémon New Gold Era is now finally released!

    Pokémon New Gold Era is a hack of Pokémon Gold, for Game Boy Color. It is the third, final and corrected version of Pokémon New Gold 2012/2018.
    The story dates about 100 years later after the original adventure of GSC. You're in an "alternate" and futuristic Johto-Kanto region where urbanism has expanded drastically, and where nature suffers in many places!

    You debute in Goldenrod City. You have to do several quests in order to progress, like finding a certain item in a place!

    Many changes, and A LOT, have been made, compared to the original Pokémon Gold game. More informations are on the website.

    Website of this game: https://pokemonnewgold2012.wordpress.com/

    Download the IPS file from this link:
    Patch this file using Lunar IPS to an original english Pokémon Gold ROM.

    Have lots of fun in this new era in Johto and Kanto! :)
    Helloo Eric, I hope you are doing fine and well,
    Just to let you know, I moved to Canada a year ago (:
    Fun game. Thank you for making it. The wide availability of the legendary Pokemon made the game pretty easy for me but I guess I could've chosen to not use them. Maybe I'll play the game again without them. Would you ever consider making an original game? Your skills have improved a lot over time.
    I am a big fan of ur old Pokemon Gold Expert hack. Im searching for it for a long time. Could you please release it again?
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