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  • Oh? Is something gonna happen that will prevent us from watching it on TV?

    Hulk is really doing well in this Renault, he's regular in top 10 quite.

    I am not in the PC channel though, left it for various reasons. My tag is AetheR#0064.
    It's great that you follow everything, because it gives me even more to talk about, i haven't got much other friends who watch F1.
    On the other note as well. Man you have no idea how am I glad that we're F1 nerding again like in the last pages of our convo. It feels like yesterday. Get Discord man honestly.
    For me heres hoping that Kubicas return would equal airing F1 on TV, like in old times.

    On the other news, Hulk gets a 5 grid penalty for gearbox change. This weekend won't go well for Renault...
    Brundle wasn't a bad driver though, he was in some good teams through his career, he just didn't seem to get it right :P

    The Polish Eleven sports channel has the coverage as well, but hard to find a proper stream ID or link tbf. So I had to get used to Sky or Channel 4.
    O yeah, i try to watch Channel 4 if there is an occasion as well. I like DC.

    Brundle at least has some knowledge, despite not being a super talented driver, his commentary is good. Crofty is just a Hamilton fanboy.
    Also I am forced to watch Sky Sports F1 streams via Ace Player. I'm not fond of Crofty much, Brundle is OK, but his Honder, Senner, everything with -er. Do you brits do that as well :P ?
    Yeah, just read both news as well. Of course they wanna finish the season with Jolyoff. Nobody would like to be kicked out mid-season hah.

    As for Halo... Vettel, Raikkonen and Alonso are not against the idea, they stated that safety is important. Kinda weird.

    So far practice going pretty well for RedBull and McLaren.
    At least 3-4 guaranteed years of racing for him, I'm sure of it. I really hope the tests will go smooth for him. We need that bit of Polish fierceness in F1.
    Lol everyone i know that has some mild interest in F1 says that about Palmer, he really is bad lol.

    Well F1 is not so big there since Kubica had that accident, but he is still a very big and recognizable figure, so I think his return would have a huge impact. Lots of current drivers were talking about him in positive matter. He was fierce and had balls, let's admit that.
    Yes of course. Still a champion nonetheless. I'm glad he did it.

    Kubica will go to test R.S 17 in Hungaroring in 2nd August. Hyyyyyyyyyypeeeeeeee!!!!!! :D
    I hope you will be right. There might be a huge riot from fans about that lol.

    To be fair, there were lots of races where a winner was concluded by the misfortunes of others.
    Lol I will see the Halo cars when that happens lol.

    O I don't remember that race. Watch the 1982 Monaco tho, a race nobody seemed to want to win haha.
    Yes Azerbaijan counts as street Circuit.

    Well once a commentator in 1996 Monaco GP said that this place is only in the calendar out of tradition. Lots of random events happen there, Oliver Panis won there in a weak Ligier lol.

    I have a job but i earn enough to live by myself and i can't save that much for races. O well.
    I never been in any Grand Prix, some fan I am, I'm poor lol. That is my dream.

    It's not at risk man, the contract will end in 2019 and they're not signing more, it's officially confirmed.

    From Street Circuits besides Monaco I only genuinely enjoy Singapore, the rest is just bad.
    And Hungary of course.

    Well, if Silverstone disappears after 2019, what track do you think will replace it? They think about making a street circuit in London fml... Why no Brands Hatch or Donnington?!

    Paul Ricard is such a short track but the memories of it from 80's and early 90's man...
    Pierre Gastly :D another Frenchman in F1, sounds good to me, the fact that Paul Ricard comes back to F1 next season wooooot!

    Tbf i use mine on here, Discord, Steam and Instagram i think ;p
    Not only slow driving but a major bad luck as well. Shame, the guy was genuinely good.

    Well, you could say that now, Eruption ;]
    Hopefully Hungaroring and the after-month-break events will show otherwise.

    It is still lots of time for this year to end, things might change hopefully. Kvyat is a very dangerous driver himself anyway lol. Though I like this Russian much more than Petrov.

    If you will by any chance get the Discord, my tag is AetheR#0064
    LOL i was thinking about as well man.

    Yes this is a very popular app now that has elements of Skype and Team Speak and IIRC. The forums have their own server there you can join, but I haven't spoken there lately.

    As long as Ferrari is going to keep the good pace, I will be happy anyway.

    So... Halo in 2018... :D
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