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  • i still haven't forgotten you. you were incredible during survivor, and i want you to remember that... whatever you're doing, i haven't forgotten you, and i won't. you're such a wonderful person and you really deserve wonderful things - i hope the best for you, when you do come back. send me a message. i'll always be floating around, here to chat with you!
    Just noticed you said you were leaving. :c We'll miss you, too bad we weren't able to finish our three-day-weekend T-shirt campaign. I don't know if you'll still read this, but I hope your health will do better soon!
    I'm so sorry to see you go... We only knew each other for a short time but I will cherish those moments forever...
    I'm leaving PC permanently partly because of health reasons. Thanks for all the memories! I'll miss you guys! (:
    I wish you well & hope you have a great day! <3<3
    Ah those sound interesting. :o What is your favorite main series Pokemon game?
    The Secret Life of Pets was pretty great tbh. Its not much like the trailer but it is still really funny :D
    Hmmm well im going to see nerve soon and then i cant wait for the girl on the train and mrs peregrines. But tbh i have a list ready for what im going to see so im pretty excited for like 15 movies haha
    Haven't really played much as of recent. Sadly I do not have a favorite as of yet. How about you? :o
    I've watched every single episode but I'm thinking of getting into manga. How's reading manga feels? C:
    you should its a pretty good series but pretty long xD
    lol is it a comedy then?
    Wow im gonna have to try really hard to think of that cause I dont watch comedy movies often xD
    Hmmmm well probably the boss cause that was funny as heck and it was one of the last ones ive seen :3
    thats cool thats cool haha
    lol thats still a good way to read alittle xD and ya those were pretty good! Its been awhile since I read them haha. Hmmm well i mostly read fantasy/scifi but maximum ride has alot of crazy stuff in it with alot of action and suspense and its considered a thriller haha
    Never heard of the imitation game but Ant Man was amazing! this is the end i gotta rewatch and the minions was funny as heck xD
    Aww thanks! I love yours too. I basically stole my theme from the JoJo's wiki to fit with my JoJo theme.

    It's going decent, what about you?
    Ultra Violet sounds like an interesting ROM Hack. Just finished Ash Gray, so I will definitely try it out tomorrow. And the Philippines was fun! My cousins and I went around Valenzuela city and there were definitely some cool places to sight see! Sad, though, that this is place corrupt. It definitely has its places to sight see!
    Haha its np! All i require is a pic that is decently large and what links or titles youd like (titles appear when you scroll over stuff and links are just hyperlinks) :3
    ohhh Rocket Strike thats an excellent game!
    Oh wow! I havent seen anyone go for that since like well ever haha. What got you interested :o
    Oh gosh well you asked probably the hardest question haah.

    Well for books I like Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, The Legend Series, The Incarceron series and the Obsidian Mirror Series. I really love fantasy books and tend to lose myself in them :3

    As for movies I like: The Huntsman Winters War, Age of Ultron, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Intern, and Captain America Civil War. Wbu you read or watch any god movies?
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