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  • Hello, I saw you mention Graphic Design on this forum. What if I told you there is a strategy game with an RGB system as its main mechanic? The developer calls it: a real-time-color-changing-strategy game. You use colored cards called: pieces of memory to defend/attack and increase a specific color. Red, Green, Blue. There are Defensive/Aggressive based cards. Defensive cards are mostly used to increase your character's stats and RGB values. You can also adjust their personality with them. Changing your character's personality affects their design. The game features Live2D anime graphics. You fight against 3 other enemies in real time. The game also features online PvP. If you are interested check it out on the Nintendo Switch or Steam. Both feature an English language option. You do need a Nintendo Online Membership even for the "offline" mode called (World). I own the game on Switch. It is an original and nice-looking game. I hope you like my game recommendation. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the game.

    Game: White Girl (Steam/Switch)
    Happy Holidays to you :)
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