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  • Hey! Uh, I'm kinda just here to tell you if don't do a IC post on this RP within the next two days, you'll be kicked out. This is just a friendly reminder!
    If you're playing it to its full seriousness, I'd strongly discourage having an OCD character in the first place. IIS has a pretty wacky cast so far. We may go into some darker territory, especially regarding Carlos--I'll foreshadow that now--and his animosity towards Pokemon Training, but having a mentally-disordered person on medication who attempted suicide in the past... just that description on its own is tipping a bit over the edge into Mature territory that I'd be uncomfortable getting into. I wouldn't want your character to seem out-of-place. There would have to be a lighthearted or humorous aspect to it to keep it from being too grim.

    But the specific detail on "attempted suicide" seems like a detail you can dance around if it's just mentioned in the history.
    Hey, just notifying you that you're spot in SoS has expired, and is being reopened because of inactivity. Feel free to rejoin with your old character if a spot is open.
    Yes, exactly! Game Freak needs to make the remakes similar to the originals but needs to add more of an adventue and more content to do after the game! Also, I would like to see new mega evolutions like a Mega Milotic and Mega Swampert would be awesome!
    Tbh I' not sure what to think about them right now. I'm ecstatic about the news that Game Freak is officially working on them now but I hope that they're simply not a remake. I hope to see the same game play as we did n Ruby/Sapphire but I want there to be more after we defeat the Elite Four. I also want to see an entirely brand new look with 3D Pokemon like X and Y had. How about you?
    Yeah, I know the feeling. I felt meh yesterday but I'm feeling good today. Just relaxing and watching a movie, not having to deal with any dumb homework. :p
    That chimchar with wings is epic.
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