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  • It's always great to see new faces around Meet & Greet. Yes I do! I usually play support or mid. I do like to venture into other roles though.
    Heyo, just dropping by to say that I really do appreciate all the posts you've been making in Meet & Greet. We really appreciate your contributions to the section <3 I see you like Anivia :o
    pssst i have a link to my gallery in my signature where i feature graphics that don't have any personal information for the companies i design for. and a lot of other junk lol
    Hahaha well to be fair it's AC: New Leaf so I've had a few years to wrack up those hours. Not to mention the plethora of times I've passed out playing my DS and it's just stayed on. So it's probably not as impressive as it sounds!

    I am doing both! Casually studying as a graphic designer and working a few jobs as a freelance artist and (don't laugh) a vape liquid manufacture. I am also a landlord which pulls in most of my income. What about yourself?
    Yeahhhhh I'm one of those crazy gamers who only play a small number of games but play them harder than anyone with a sound sense of decency would lmao. Pales in comparison to my 3000+ Animal Crossing file.

    Ah, no worries, I'm 27 so it's not like we're even that far apart anyway, :p It just feels a little silly being the Pokemon internet police to a bunch of 13 year olds. But there's always a diamond in the rough, so to speak. :)
    Oh hell yeah man. If you ever find yourself with a copy of Generations we should definitely hunt together! I'm always looking for new people to hunt with. Not to humble brag too, too much but my 1010+ hours has earned me a HR of 426. >;]

    Thank you very much. Everyone has been just so kind about it I have no clue how to repay everyone and show how thankful I am for their support!

    And uhhhh that's actually a really awesome sounding job?? I mean, I'm not well versed in the complexities of cyber security beyond the basics. But still! I imagine that must come in handy every now and then. :) Are you in the "closer to thirty than twenty camp" too? Cause I'm fairly sure I'm one of like... three other people who actually are lol.
    Ah, I called it! I got the sense you had some moderator blood in ya.

    Gosh not really much to say about myself! I'm a gross old lady whose still obsessed with Pokemon and draws too much and has just a few too many animals lol. My entire life is 100% occupied with Monster Hunter and Skyrim right now too - so I guess it's relevant to say I was a dragon slayer in a past life. As for this life, a computer-bound, newly engaged hermit describes me best, haha.

    What about yourself? 8)
    No problem at all. n_n; I just believe awesome members should be acknowledged for their contributions is all. Not enough people get the credit they deserve and I aim to fix that!
    Hey! I just wanted to pop in and say that I really appreciate all the kind posts you're making in Meet and Greet. Good job! :)
    I mainly just spent a lot of time at work. Now finally at home relaxing. c:
    Well I slept in incredibly late today for whatever reason so that's always fun. XD What're your plans for today?
    I noticed you on my recent visitors thing and with your avatar, I can spot you from a mile away. XD How're you doing?
    Guinea pigs?? They're funny. {XD}
    My favourite animal would have to be... SNAKES.
    Or perhaps, bugs... there are so many different species and they all seem so interesting.
    Of course, only as long as both of them don't come too close to me, otherwise I will quickly do a 180 turn of mind. {XD}
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