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  • Well I'm back I suppose. It's been a while, lots has changed, including to myself.
    Well, after reading Axel's recent post I'd have assumed you were travelling together for a while, but it's entirely up to you who you want to be with in Petalburg Woods. Do what you want ;)
    Heya Fen, sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but regarding Trumpets I think it's a bit late to meet up now. Entirely my fault there. Maybe we could have them bump into each other in Petalburg Woods?
    Hey, sorry Fennekin, I did see that and I am planning on responding to that. Things have just been a bit busy, but I do have some things in the works! :D

    Did you have anything specific in mind you wanted me to address in my post?
    Yeah, cool. I just got back from playing Poker with some friends it was soooo fun. Have you ever played? :p
    Well my actual name is Joshua, but people around here have taken to calling me Jay... and it was already like a "secondary name" for me anyway. So I took it on as an official moniker you could say. It's short and to the point, so I like it.

    And yes, I saw" I quite like Dávalos, he's already been accepted.
    Sounds great! Ellis noticed Zachry so he's all set up for introductions! I think controlling each others' characters has never been allowed on PC- so unless they changed it while I was away, you'll probably have to wait for Ellis to react. Unless you want to do a joint post with me, and I can just write some Ellis parts into your post? (Though I think it's a bit early for JPs haha)
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