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  • Sure! Maybe they're not friends, but saw each other-- ran into each other a few times even at the crater while swimming/diving. So they'd recognize each other by appearance, but don't really actually know anything about each other?
    Ooh definitely!! I'd love for them to know each other already in some kind of capacity-- did you have anything in mind? *V*
    I can never say no to a good art gallery! And terrible traffic is nothing new to me, I live in a huge city, so that won't scare me off from visiting :) Thanks for the info, it's actually really nice to know!
    I've never been, but have been meaning to :) I want to go to Dallas to see that friend, but I also hear Austin is a lot of fun. I'm not very good in the heat, so Houston is probably best to avoid haha. Do you have a favorite city there?
    So this might seem really stupid to you, but I'm always genuinely surprised when people from Texas have less of an accent! I have another friend from Dallas that I met on here, and when I met him in person he hardly had one, I would have never pegged him from Texas. The only thing that gave you was the y'all at the end haha.
    I finally done it . I made a paper Raikou. 8f you want to see open my album
    Oh, hi! Even though I just started the series over a year ago, I indeed like the series a lot! Quite a few PC members are also AA fans actually! =)
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