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  • How's life? :)

    Thank you!

    Reddit is only a temporary fix, PC is your true home ;)

    Omg I left the community for like three years and you still never got it smh! Definitely please please do! Your posts were always awesome and had so much thought put into them :) Maybe post there anyway... I've got some stuff coming!

    I loooved it so hyped lol
    That question is too nuanced for me to answer. All I can do it look at examples of the word used in sentences and it seems like it's being used the same way that just "pursue" or "pursuit" would be used. I feel like it's either something that a native person or a linguist would be able to answer. Or maybe it's just a matter of preference and style.
    Yea haha, I guess it does make sense when you put it that way.

    And yea, the best way to think of any Japanese word is as a prefix and a suffix. Some words are only made up of one character, but if it contains two characters, the first character is the prefix, and the second character is the suffix. I guess we don't do that too much in English, but Japanese does it a lot :P
    Ahh yea, good point haha. I never even realized Tin Tower was renamed Bell Tower o.o I guess I just never even caught that. I always thought "Park Ball" -> "Sport Ball" was kinda weird though. Like why the random name change all of a sudden?

    And yep! Katanagatari is the only one of the series I've seen, but it's definitely up there as one of my favorite animes ever. I'd definitely recommend it! I can explain the titles haha. -gatari means story or legend, but it's only a suffix and can't be its own standalone word. "Mono" literally just means "thing", so technically speaking "Monogatari" reads as "story of stuff" or "story of something".
    Most of it just comes down to the fact that changing the name of a move entirely would be even more confusing. I mean, the best they could do is call the same move by a different name in whatever game or generation is up next in their development queue, but they wouldn't be able to go back and change the names of moves in past generations. So then you'd still effectively have the same potentially confusing move names in most of the games, with an added layer of confusion due to them having a totally different name in newer games.

    Honestly, I had forgotten all about powder xD I actually had to look it up. Explosive Powder would have actually been a much better name, or maybe Shrapnel or something like that if GameFreak really wanted to go out there.

    And thanks for the profile compliments ^^ The background is actually from Katanagatari, and the profile picture is just one I found on Google images and happened to like haha
    Well you've got the next best thing now. Enjoy!

    Volcanion definitely deserves a bit of love, imo. It's a combination of two of the best types in the game (imo), and I think it's got a cool concept, though not perfect haha. I hadn't even thought about the Eruption vs. Steam Eruption confusion, but that was a good point you raised. I feel like there's another move that's ambiguous like that, but I can't think of it at the moment :x
    No problem at all, for asking! In fact it is because of the second season the anime is getting that inspired me to implement a forum theme as such~
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    No, the theme was related to magic and mystery so I had to temporarily change it for the contest and all it did was suck, barely getting any votes. Didn't help that (Ju)no was at a huge advantage with her dragon profile, it's just that the chosen theme was the wrong matchup for me.

    I don't even want this theme to return for 2016 now that we know how flawed this team system was, where we had 2 teams stealing over half the community leaving the others at a huge disadvantage which paid off brilliantly. Our team didn't shine in anything except for the Egg Swap, and that was it, we downright sucked with overall performance and it shows Unova will always be the most hated region.
    I was actually mentioning consolation emblems being brought up for the members who failed because my Prettiest Profile Contest entry terribly sucked (and I mean, Team Unova sucked in literally every event) because it barely got any votes, and it proves complex designs win over simpler ones, but I also blame it on the chosen theme we had to follow, which was one I'm absolutely rubbish at pulling off.
    Oh you mean Kasumi a? She was cute and her voice was so kawaii! ♥

    They changed some of her moves, like canceling into flamingo stance. I kinda hate it, but then kinda like it because it gives Sarah some Mixup, but I don't know which to lean more too. ~_~

    Yea it does, and DW does have a lot of spin-offs. SW3 is a really good game, but I think it would be better if you tried DW before you get into Hyrule Warriors. Hyrule Warriors is probably going to use the same controls as Xbox like X for Light attack and Y for Strong attack and all that because of the pad or whatever it is. I have Warriors Orochi 3, but not Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, and i'm not getting the Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate either, 'cause it's only for Xbox One, PS4, and PS3.(Which sucks, I so wanted to play with Kasumi and Momiji. >:( )

    I don't think BlazBlue is popular, but Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Naruto must be.

    True, DOAXB2 does have the fanservice, but I think probably more "serious'" gamers like it for the gameplay.(Probably.) I don't own it but I have watched it on Youtube before. Awesome movie BTW. :P
    Hey! If there is, I'm not aware of it, sadly! It was one of the default avatars that PC provides so you might have better luck finding the source img if you ask a super moderator, maybe? Sorry I couldn't help D:
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