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  • Well, it's something I think would be useful. :P I didn't have anything else to add to the discussion, though. Just had to toss in my support!
    Somebody in a skype chat linked it I don't exactly know where it's from or who made it sorry. I just thought it would make a cool sig for a change.
    My av/signature is Cordelia from Fire Emblem: Awakening and my profile is Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening n_n
    Thanks! I love it a lot myself. :3
    Haha yeaah, Yancham's just awesome, nuff said. <3
    What do you think of the other 3 new Pokemon - the bird, Gogoat and the..lizard? (Yes, I'm not a big fan of the lizard Pokemon lol.)
    Yes indeed. Each series is about 50, but the good thing is that they can be watched individually in most cases. I'm trying to watch them all but I've still got 3 or 4 more to go.
    That would be Fresh Precure. It's one of the series from the Pretty Cure magical girl franchise. One of the bigger themes in it was doughnuts for some reason.
    Oh yeah, I saw it yesterday and I laughed a little bit but I couldn't think of a suitable response or anything so I just left it alone. Gotta admit, I really wasn't expecting that even though it was so obvious.
    lol Shiny Blaziken cool!
    I had a real lucky streak when it started.
    I was:
    Shiny Dialga
    :) now thats a lucky streak :) :p
    Oh my god, that literally just made my life hahahaha
    Oh it's from a different site but I uploaded it there so I could actually link it and not get in trouble haha. It's no problem haha.
    I can probably go find it for you if you really want it. Want me to?
    Pokemon Adventures was actually publicly endorsed by Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of pokemon. :P

    Also, I refer to her as Blue because that's specifically the RBY female from Pokemon Adventures. (You can tell because Yellow is right there, and she's exclusive to the manga.)
    Judging by her facial expression and body language she's totally doing it on purpose~ There's something to be said about chest-pillows... |D

    Regardless, Blue's fashion sense is why she's probably one of my favorite protagonists.
    Eh, to be honest not sure. I just stumbled upon it while browsing imageboards looking for Cheren artwork.
    Aw, Jigglypuff gets a happy ending then. That's good. I hate sad endings. I mean, I like them when they're done well, but I like to see people find things that make them happy, even when they're not really people and just characters.

    Ah, yes, I guess I should have mentioned the website is Japanese when I first sent it. But hey, you could use it to teach yourself a few words, eh?
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