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  • Hello! I am happy to see you enjoy the Tug o' War Pokémon edition. I would just like to suggest you to wait at least 2 or 3 other users to post before reposting again, for the sake of fairness! ^^
    I agree but I dont like Chesnaught all the much, Chespin is cool but its final evo to me just looks weird and awkward.
    Yeah I guess they are cute Pokémon never really looked at it like that but I guess I like the mons that are just appealing to the eye. And Im huge on Special attack moves because I think they are sick asf. so that's why I like mons like Vanillite, Espeoon/Jolteon, Butterfree etc. And I agree/disagree with the typing on one hand I don't mind it and it semi makes sense to why its fighting, but in reality we did not need a THIRD fire/fighting type starter. I think something like Fire/Ground would have been way more interesting for a fire starter in Unova.
    I tried that and that didn't work. I hope I don't have to replay the whole game all over again. Do you have any other suggestions for me that I can try?
    Hopefully this is the last time I ask you for help because I'm almost done with the game. I'm stuck in Janto now and when I went to Kohto, I battled all of the Gym leaders there except for the one in Celeste City and I found 2 of the stones that those boulders in Janto are missing. When I took the train back to Janto, I went to those boulders in Hardroot City and when I placed 2 of those stones in the boulders I left them there and when I tried to go back to the train station, I wasn't able to because there was a boulder that was blocking the way to get to the train station in Hardroot City, so that means I don't know if there's another way I can get back to Kohto and finish the game. Do you know what I should do at this point and if there's even another way to get back to Kohto? Please let me know what I can do
    Hey, do you know where I can find the 7th Gym Leader Sebastian by any chance? I already did the secret clubhouse mission but none of the super nerds told me where he is and when I went to the gym, he wasn't there. Do you know where I can find him?
    Yeah, I was actually the one that asked that Youtuber how to find it. I feel a whole lot better now that I can continue playing this
    I saw you answering someone's question on the Bronze 2 thread, and I asked the exact same thing on that thread too because I was having the same problem that this other person was having of not finding the TV station key, and I still can't find the key in the Game Corner Basement and I've been in every teleporter maze in the basement and I can't find the right way I need to go in the maze. If you can explain to me where exactly in the basement that the key is in, I would really appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon
    I'm looking to start back on FireRed Redux sometime soon! Idk what I was doing last time I told you, but it wasn't this! What have you been up to? :3
    Interesting. Very strategic.

    Yesss. Blaze kick and firefang are super good ??????

    What about firespin?
    Pffft. I forgot to say 'Thanks'. ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    Share with me why you think flamethrower is good.

    I prefer moves such as flare blitz. Only thing I despise about it is the recoil.
    Hi, FeraligatrMaster! It was fun yesterday! I think you put Stoutland in the Hall of Fame instead of the Box of Shame, despite it reaching "0".
    Anyway, How are you?
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