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  • In the Great Pokemon battle when a Pokemon goes into the Hall of Fame or the Box of Shame can I add any new Pokemon (not already in the hall of fame or box of Shame) to be the next placeholder? Or is there ab order that leads to a specific Pokemon that has to come next like dex number, typing, alphabetical order?
    They're not going at all. But I want to try and start back today, with the help of the people behind Skeli's Complete FireRed Upgrade, Skeli himself and ghoulslash.
    Yeah, unintentionally well timed on my part, I was just thinking how cool it was so I got an ava and sig.

    And glad to hear that, Ultra Beasts are overrated.
    Hello there, my badass gator!

    Have you found some new villains I may not be aware of since I left the villain war forum?

    I've liked you're "Great Pokemon Battle" topic in the trivia section, but I do have a question.

    When adding a new Pokemon, would you prefer only doing the regular forms, or would mega evolutions and alolan forms also be okay?
    Hi Gator! Whats up? :3

    I started a korrina club (it needs to be accepted by the staff). Would you like to join it?
    I like both dog and cat pokemon :3 probably dog pokemon more though. I was a cat lover as a child, but i never really ended up with a cat of my own xD my dog is a shiba inu, though, so he can act cat like. Ah, i like the dogs you don't care for too xD heh.

    I'm not sure what to talk about now xD
    Yay! I love Incineroar too! :D

    Are you a cat person or a dog person? I am a dog person, as I live with a little canine named Simba, myself :3 he's such a sweet animal^^
    I got my black cat costume on :D I may go to bed early, i feel sugar wired from my 'all natural' trick or treat bag and i didn't even eat that much from it xD

    Awwww, those pokemon are awesome :3 I like jiggly and clefairy and sylveon and xerneas a lot :D Who's your favorite umn lemme think fire type? :P
    Awww! I bet halloween would be a big favorite holiday for you with your love for ghost types xD

    I'm partial to the fairy type myself and love love loved raising them up on deluge rpg 'cuz they're seriously easy to train against korrina (who i've battled at least 1000 times on there now I'M SURE).

    Fairies are dominant over the more 'macho' types (fighting, dark, and dragon). >D Girl power~

    Korrina's pretty girly looking for a 'tomboy' who uses fighting types with that long ponytail and that dress though lol and on top of that she acts super bubbly xD Awwww I just wanna be best friends forever with her >///< And i know she doesn't SHOW signs of being bi/les much in the anime (no interest in serena....lol but not like serena's all that great anyways! xP), but i still totally see her and me ending up an OTP....
    Ahh. I dun really find those pokemon cute xD its neat we all have different opinions on what is cute though.

    Halloween is really close now xD Are you getting dressed up? I am, but i'm not trick or treating though. I like to lounge around at my house in a costume instead lol also, i'm allergic to artificial ingrediants that are in most tot candies xP
    Yeah, the RR in my signature does stand for Rescue Rangers. And I will say to you the same things to the people who keep on telling me that RR isn't bad.

    "I am sorry for ruining your sanity by playing my games."

    I love gen 4's fandom^^ The pokemon are awesome too though :3 I especially like the cute pokemon from that gen x3

    Awesome! I like alice and the lion king^^ I also think the princesses have an awesome fashion sense, long poofy cute dresses FTW X3
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now! :) I'm glad we're still friends, too. And i'm also glad to hear you're okay with me for being who I am :) Thanks so much. Being girly means a lot to me (i've been a girly girl all my life too).

    Yeah, a lot of fanbases do seem awful. Thankfully, i've met a lot of nice people for Sinnoh's fanbase (its making it one of my favorite regions now :3 and giving me even more of a reason to love lucario besides korrina too xD its awesome to me now that he's also basicly gen 4's mascot.)

    I'm glad you're not like the bad fans^^ Being attacked by bad people can make things a lot worse for you, so try to stay away from the general kh fandom. I have nice friends who like the games, so you can talk about them with them. One is named Ascended Dialga (i duno if i spelled it right...). He uses Discord. :3

    But, probably what i hate more about kh than the fandom, is the fact that I was super mentally ill the years I was into the games, and thought this world was 100% a bad place and thought I was doomed to be a horrible person one day (again, i probably woulda thought better if i hadn't been picked on so much *sigh*). I don't like being reminded of those days at all, and whenever the kh games are brought up, those bad memories tend to come back to me. So lets try not to bring up those games as much as possible^^;;; They basicly bring back traumatic memories for me...(again, i'm fine if you still wanna be a fan of them, though. also, i still some-what like disney stuff outside kh. so feel free to tell me your favorite disney films, i won't mind that so much :P i even have a dog named Simba, even xD)
    Hi....I have noticed you stopped talking to me, and I wonder if maybe I made you feel bad 'cuz you like those games I dislike :(

    I don't really care if you like them or not, don't worry. Yes, people have been mean to me that liked those games, but I know not all kh fans are bad. I have a few good friends who actually like the games a lot, in fact, and they're still wonderful people. Its fine if you still don't want to talk to me anymore, I understand, but I just want you to know I don't hate you. I really enjoyed talking to you too :) Also, I am getting over my hurt a bit. I don't think i'll ever be a fan of those games again, but I probably can bare with the idea of them more again over time. I don't care as much if people dislike my girlyness anymore, either, since i'm develuping more of an idea that its okay with me to like girly things anyways. I do dislike dealing with drama, though.

    Anyways, I hope you've been doing okay. Sorry again if I made you feel bad at all :(
    Hmn, interesting point xD

    Nope, delphox is no fighting type xD I love him though he's like a magical girl fox thing :3 I've always liked magical girl anime pretty much lol

    Oh....Be careful about talking about KH games with me. I've had very bad experiences with fans of that series (they've generally bullied me for being a girly girl. i hope you aren't at all like those other fans i've met o_o; ).
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