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  • Chikorita is my own go to *nod nod* I've used her at least 5 times overall, i think :3 Cyndaquil about twice and i don't remember ever using totodile :o

    Do you usually like water type starters? I have a way of using fire starters a lot, lol. I like that a lot of them become fighting types too with my love for korrina and all as well xD
    I've been a fan for 16 years, so you've been a fan longer than me xD 18 years ago....that means you got into pokemon in the year 2000 :P (i got into it in 2002. close to the end of johto and beginning of hoenn)

    I got extremely into pokemon through my pokemon crystal game i owned when i was 12 *nod nod* That game was a ton of fun. Cool we both started with the johto games^^ I can see now why you have feraligator as your avatar more now, too. I'm guessing you started with totodile back on your old silver file :3 I chose Chikorita. Its evolution line is just so beautiful and girly to me ^_^ I've grown to really like cyndaquil's line a lot over the years too. I still haven't really got so into totodile and his evos but oh well xD I loved Ash's totodile in the anime though. He was so funny and cheerful and all out lovable imo^^

    Also, it amused me that he kind of sounded like donald duck xDDD
    Wow! We like a lot of the same types of pokemon!!! :D We're meant to be friends. How long have you been a pokemon fan, btw? I've been a fan since 11-12. Sometimes it feels i got into it a bit older or younger xD Depends on my mood i guess lol

    Thanks for accepting me as a new buddy :D

    My absolute favorite pokemon character is korrina btw. I'm seriously in love with her <333
    Neato! If you need FF4 and FF6 just ask me, I have both hacks.

    BTW, do you intend on voting for hack of the year? I have seen a walkthrough of Orange and it looks neat.
    I probably have to give up, especially since the Pokemon I like always seem to get Box of Shame anyway. It's like the logic is only "badass" Pokemon can succeed or something.
    Seriously, I think The Great Pokemon Battle should be ended after the current thread because it's way too laggy and I always get ninja'd by you.
    hy man, I'll be happy too. Trivia is just not one of my go-to sections nowadays lol. nbu tI'll be there
    I can inform that while you were offline, Forretress went into Box of Shame and Sylveon went into Hall of Fame.
    Apologies for the late response.

    I've been rather preoccupied getting my course completed, but it is all done and dusted now, which means I have more free time for the summer.

    As you already know, Beedrill is safe in the Hall of Fame in the game that I'm now partaking in at long last.
    At least you're safe and still going strong with your passion for this community and overall franchise.

    Thank you for informing me that you've switched accounts, though.
    I like them but I mostly joined here to chat with folks and make some new friends.
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