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  • Damn, totally forgot that Pusha T had a new album out. I'm gonna have to get that over the weekend.

    Been listening to a crapload of King Krule these days.
    I don't know, the thing I loved about XXX was how incredible the instrumentals were and how well they complemented his rap style. I'm not so keen on the beats in the new one. Think I'll listen to it again tonight though.

    Yeah! I figured you were a /mu/tant too, to be honest. I'm there for the sharethreads usually, though <3
    Hey, man! You liked Old, eh? I actually streamed it on Spotify yesterday, and honestly I was a bit disappointed with it. :/

    And you gotta try R+7, it's top-notch stuff. One of the best this year for me, definitely :3
    Yeah, was absolutely amazing. At this kinda mini-festival thing back in June. There was loads there actually. Posted about it here.
    Haha, thanks.

    I don't know flume (will check out though). I like quite Disclosure but not massively and I only really know the obvious Latch, White Noise, that kinda stuff. Amazing live, though.
    Damn, and I thought taking the e off my name would've been enough.

    The forum for the battle server staff.
    I was clearing people out because... a) I thought everyone was dead and b) I was friends with some awful tastes. I'll re-add you if you're still active ahaha.
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