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  • I have three finals and two weeks to go. =P Oh well though! Yeah I bet we will! I have been mapping and learning how to script a few things so it should be on Rollout soon. Yeah, Lala kicked some majors out of the park with his Colosseum Final theme!
    It's okay, FlyyFlyy! We all have been busy also! Thank you and I will! Kind of been on hiatus for the project for a lot of people! I am still in school so I have been caught up.. =P
    It's still better than our non-D_A people, myself included. And I mean yeah we figured it was all that "intimidation" that made people afraid of being bad but that's been gone awhile so ummmm maybe it's just people who are either making excuses or just aren't cut out for competitive to begin with lol. It's just really frustrating that battling and the battlers themselves are so clearly the second priority in their own forum as evidenced by everyone being fine with the channel but heaven forbid we make a different server to represent ourselves and our community. In any event, you're welcome to our "channel community" (hnnnng) because well we...have to start somewhere.
    Also you forgot the C in John C Calhoun which is what makes his name sound so awesome come on now
    Haha the wording is a tad vague, my push is that it exists at all but currently it does not. Wolf just said do it so as long as we can work out the whole "who the hell can host a server" thing then it's looking like it's going to happen. I'm currently working on that but am definitely pleased that it has gained steam so quickly so I don't anticipate an enormous problem.

    If it does in fact happen though then absolutely, as far as I'm concerned a year or whatever ago is water under the bridge and you/Vrai/Nica have all left for Smogon and as far as I can tell have been hugely successful and I think we'd all appreciate any of that newfound skill etc. Also if we can actually get a few new people who want to improve y'all are like the perfect example of taking the initiative and doing it lol
    I don't really want to discourage anyone from posting in Progressing Games by imposing too-high standards. That's the place where anyone can set a project started. Consequently it'll be full of non-starters, but at least it provides some small opportunity for at least one of them to develop.

    The Showcase, on the other hand, is for the games which are actually properly being made (that's why it's a separate section). There are significant (subjective) restrictions on which threads belong in there, and it's basically up to me to decide. People need to ask me to look over their threads if they want it moved into the Showcase (I won't spontaneously do it myself), and that hasn't happened in months. I've not looked at the threads already in there, though, but if you have a list of threads which you think don't belong in there, you can PM me with it and I'll look at them.

    Frankly, when I was a member, I never looked in those sections. I was just here to improve Essentials. I don't know what the quality of games used to be and what it is now. Certainly the Showcase should be full of good games (or at least promising games; I'm not sure about making it a playable demo/completed-only zone), but the main problem really is that people simply aren't finishing their games, primarily because they want them to be too epic. The way people think about their games is entirely too limited, and that's one of the things I want to address. It'll be a slow process, though.
    Hah, thanks. :) I just started with pixel art and I found I really like it. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for the old battle crew.
    what is 6ko? In any event, I didn't know there were still youtube battlers. Shows how much I'm aware. lol
    Is it sad that I want to watch all those videos now? Not even for getting anything out of them but just for fun
    This is rough/based on small sample size, but I dont think F(aka Heatran)/W/G cores are dominant or anything, and their predictability can be pretty easy to prey on, even with someone who still has to learn to play basically like myself. Latias used to counter them by herself basically, lol.

    But yeah it's definitely different than BW obviously, the one thing about no team preview though is you can look at the revealed pokes and pretty accurately estimate what may be coming out and predict accordingly. (In pre plat dp the old saying was that if the opponent had one unrevealed pokemon, it was Garchomp and it was going to sweep you. lol)
    haha I used otr Bronzong for a time, very good sweeper and love its emergency defensive utility. I didn't support it very well and have since been running different teams, none of which are much good.

    Anyway for me I understand the meta well but it's very frustrating teambuilding and execution is rought too (translation: my skills have atrophied greatly in years of absence) so I'm still REALLY adjusting. It's fun though, really glad i came back to play.

    Highlight: running into swagger shuckle
    Indeed but honestly at times it comes down to who has more firepower which was not the case in DP OU. Yes but why be forced into playing weather, the best teams still utilize weather because it's so damn good. It's ridiculously centralizing and don't get me started on the dragons. Creativity and strategy is limited tnis way, staples are the way to go. In DP people could bring niche Pokemon into OU and stil top the leaderboard. Honestly who wants to see Ninetales on every team? :/

    My point is BW OU is not exactly a mess but it's so flawed compared to its predecessor.

    Other regulars left, I was a ''vet'' here in 2008-11 and I lost interest due to how bad BW was. That was on my old account which I lost the password to. I could name others but eh.
    As a DP OU player who liked the creativity/strategy required for the metagame, I personally find BW OU terribad. There is strategy don't get me wrong however it more about who has the team with greater firepower/some synergy. It's basically killed off playstyles as well. You also have to use weather or check weather or you lose. It's basically an Uber clone. The power creep is also ridiculous, Salamence is considered shabby nowadays bar Scarf, if 135 Atk / 110 SpAtk is shabby, what is good?

    Well yes but Smogon have to follow what Nintendo does.

    tl;dr BW OU sucks hard, I mean look at what it did to this forum. All the regulars left.
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