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    I'm retracing our conversation to see where your last comment became relevent.... please explain??
    Oh god breeding is such a pain in the ass...
    It took me like a full year to finish the team I'm using xD I was training on and off though, now that I'm expanding it I'm sure I'll be training more consistently..
    Haha but did you know that if you just level up your Pokemon with Rare Candy, they don't get stat boosts, and are generally a LOT weaker than the competition?
    Aggghh that must have sucked!
    You could use psych up to copy his stat changes or something or make him swap out to remove his stat boosts i suppose....
    Anyhooo... I'm against legendaries (ofcourse) and I know the dragons *aren't* legendary but.... I would feel sort of cheated fighting against a sweeper salamence myself :p
    Okay, but it EVs are in a official guide book, so it really isn't made up, and everyone has proof too. =P But, good luck with your other battles!
    Sorry about that sweep, but you shouldn't have let me get those two DDs in. =P I am surprised I OHKOed your Golem with Outrage, do you EV your Pokemon?
    Oh, and DO NOT turn off your game at the end of the match, I will be saving the battle on my Battle Recorder, k?
    Oh, so we can battle? XP Yeah, I will be using Latias without Soul Dew (with Soul Dew it would be Uber).
    Okay! I would replace it, but there isn't Pokemon that acts similarly like it.
    No... I have centered in my team... Though, it is OU (non-Uber). XP I will have to cancel this.
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