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  • I agree, we should stop talking to each other :/ We're not really getting along. I even had to leave pc awhile cuz the conversation was really triggering me...

    BTW, I do hope you have a good halloween. Anyways....bye now :P
    Yeah right.

    Lying to people is not how you win their friendship. I asked him all about these comments you just made. If it turns up you're making up stories, don't consider me your friend here. My blood pressure also raised over all this. I can't handle drama. Or stress. Period.

    I'm pretty sure my friend wouldn't of made up the thing about him messaging you either :/
    Jackster is a member on this forum. He said he pmed you and told you that you were bullying me :( He has aspergers and cares a lot if i've been hurt by people. I just told him we may of been misjudging you on another forum i'm on. I hope we can all get along from now on! :3 Its great to be friends with people, not enemies.

    *hug's* Sorry to hear you probably have depression :( That must be awful...I feel I may of had depression in the past too though due to my autism it was a little strange. I still smiled a lot. But I had troubling fears of certain words and fear of my future and stuff (due to how people treated me about girlyness). That may of been depression. It was awful :(

    BTW, my friend told me you're a member of kh13 forum. I wasn't sure when i should mention that, but be careful about those people. They were awful to me. I can't stand anything kh related anymore due to what some of those people put me through and stuff when i was on there....*shutter*
    Alright. I hope you're going to have a good day. I'm kinda getting into the halloweenyness of this month today more now xD I even bought some plastic vampire fangs at the store earlier today lol
    Hi :P Answer back whenever you're on okay?

    I wonder what you're doing for halloween.

    I'm still waiting to make sure you're really someone I can trust in before adding you to my friends however I did just remove you from my ignore list (i sorta forgot you were still on it when we were chatting after awhile so i didn't think to remove you till just now when i saw you were still on there O.o i guess you weren't appearing as 'ignored' so much as i was keeping up with our convo yesterday...xDD hah). I hope you are having a nice day! :3

    I just watched some halloween cartoons on tv :) They were fun.

    BTW, I liked the anime soul eater too. Your profile is cool ^_^
    Thats good to know you work with them :3 Hopefully you get along good.

    I have to go, my mom needs the computer. I'm glad we're on better terms now.
    ....If you are speaking the truth, I may consider being your friend :) But I may wanna get to know you a bit first, if thats okay. And i'm glad to hear you don't like hurting people. Hurting people doesn't feel good :( I didn't like being so cold to you. I just didn't want to be triggered anymore...(by the way, i have aspergers syndrome. do you have aspergers syndrome too?)
    .....I admit I don't trust you very much.

    You acted like my caring about girly things like didn't matter :( It bothered me. I even put you on my ignore list afterwards. I'm extremely sensitive to people putting down/ditching girlyness. I grew up a very girly girl, and people picked on me for it a lot as I got older. I don't mean to be rude to you, or anyone else, and i'm sorry if it came out that way. Its just i've felt hurt and scared a lot :( I had a friend who killed himself, too, and when people told me i would become a bully for what i like, it only further made me hurt over him...cuz obviously he'd probably be still alive if people were nicer to him T___T if people showed they cared more. he was in so much pain.

    I hope I explained myself well enough to you now :( I don't like not being friends with you. I just am really sensitive to certain types of people.

    And girly things mean a ton to me and it really angers me that people have expected me to hate them.
    Aha xD; I suppose...

    This is a pokemon forum and she's my most favorite pokemon character ever so I dun see why I shouldn't talk about her :D xD and how much i love her <3 Aren't forums about sharing things your a fan of anyways? In real life I am told to keep my mouth shut more and I can understand that lol
    I feel Korrina has develupted farther to me than just a character i've grown to love for being like an 'older ash', though xD I feel crushing on her character has just helped me with my autism a ton this and last year in general. Something about her is just....special^^ I even got over some crippling fears this fall, and i have a feeling she's the reason why =) She just makes me soooo happy....
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