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  • Haha yeah it's all cool :D I'm a little more active there than here, and if anything I'll just be that one person that spams you with memes and pictures tbh.

    It's forg#1398
    How hot we talking? You like chilling in an oasis in the desert?

    You have a darn good guardian Angel there. Or secret agent following you around. Or maybe you're secretly royalty and haven't been told yet. Ooooooo !
    Do you like the warm weather then? Or something in between? (:

    Whaaaaa- I used to build hilariously horrendous looking snowmen and… kinda igloo caves? I used to have this fear that it would collapse and that I'd be trapped.

    Back when I lived in the northern part of my country of course. Not no more.
    Hopefully not too cold over there?

    To which - ! Speaking of which, have you ever been in an igloo? I got reminded recently that in some places, despite the weather reaching way below the freezing point, igloos can be so much more warmer than the outside.

    Yeah! All is well! Just been busy over here but all is good despite that (:

    Oh Sami ): It's a very admirable trait, to be a hard worker, but I wouldn't want to see you go through wear and tear and break your body down either );

    Why must you show me that handsome man.
    Oh man, I understand that stress that comes from being overwhelmed and overworked. In my last job I was taught to be a receptionist and had been encouraged to do the receptionist job while doing therapy tech tasks in my down time. Ugh. Sorry you're going through it ):

    I mean you imagine looking out and being like "oh look it's the train!" And stop to enjoy the view, only to see that fight. You're like. "Hmm… okay. Okay."
    But how will you go to work without issues? Unless… unless you already work at an evil organization???

    W-wha? But who doesn't like cookies? Don't twist my arm here. How about a year's worth of pizza?
    Will you have an evil outfit as well???

    Noice! ;P

    Would you care for a cookie tote?
    That made me chuckle, I admit (x I didn't expect that. And why, of course it is the villains that the get the coolest themes and soundtracks, right?

    I think I only played Deadlocked from the R&C franchise (and with it being the only one and no other R&C to compare it to, I'd say it was insanely fun! I got attached to his robot companions so fast aaaaa. Never finished the game tho ): )

    As for that state secret… can I maybe bribe you for it?
    Okay, so I returned to listen to the rest of the songs and… well hey, I did not expect to listen to that godly terraria piece. It's perfection.

    Okay okay, not gonna lie, I understand the context to that first suggestion after watching the video, not to mention now I see why Kurosaki is a cool guy because, not only was that animation pretty nice, but he looks nice ~

    Odd Funk is such a fun song aaa <3 It reminds me a liiiiiiiittle of Cowboy Bebop.

    As for Yuri's Revenge, I felt a little bit of nostalgia for some reason? Can't say why. But I admit that at the one minute mark it got very good.

    I didn't expect to hear a Ratchet & Clank ost, nice ;P

    Yo that Trisbaena theme is just *chef's kiss* I really like it. It's my favorite one so far! :P

    So that last one is currently my second favorite of the ones you showed me. Gets me feeling all pumped up and stuff :D

    The rest of the songs are good too! But the ones I mentioned stuck out to me the most (:

    I only got two recommendations this time o:
    You'd probably melt in Florida that's what would happen.

    Oooo okay okay, for that first one (End of Raging Winds) is a noice one yes yes <3 Didn't expect that one.

    That second one was catchy as hell, and I had a fun time reading the comments since that's when I learned who the song was tied to ~ ;)

    And I agree with the comments, Jack's theme is best fitting at the dance floor <3 It's that kind of song that I bet people could jam out to and it does give me a sudden sprinkle of energy.
    Okay okay I haven't heard that before and I really dig it. I'll start using it :D <3

    It is what it is indeed. Onward to the future!

    Here we have a distinguished, responsible gentleman, yes yes mmmm.

    In that case got any favorite bands? Or don't pay as much attention to bands as you do individual songs?
    The more you know ~

    Sorry to hear ):

    Look at you being responsible. C;

    On a random note, I couldn't help but notice you listened to Disturbed. While I've listened to a few of their songs, I really like their take on The Sound of Silence. (:
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