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  • WELL THEN. Jellyfish aside, did you know that in 1997, NOAA had recorded a mysterious sound infamously known as The Bloop? There's been theories thrown out there, the main two bring glaciers and a large animal. Otherwise, nothing has been conclusive.

    Is it like, when you lay down flat and stare up and go "…meh." ):

    Oh! Oh my gosh that's quite a bit. What's the reasoning for this? Are you simply cleaning them out or is there more?
    Just wait! Not only will you have to worry about random facts and jokes, but also… OPINIONS. I REALLY LIKE THE CREATURES OF THE DEEP SEA. YOU?

    Oh no ): My general mehness you mean like… laying there and being like "…meh." ?

    I meaaaan, I have an auntie who didn't really find "the one" until she was 30. Now they have a single way too spoiled kid of their own.
    Why are you terrified?!? D:

    And ah! Is it okay to ask why just alright? Didn't sound like too good of an alright to me.

    Got any new goals for the upcoming year? :3
    Actually nah, you're saved once again. I just happen to stumble upon the joke and was like "I need to tell him this thing I learned."

    That and look here:
    Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/zz3pfm/whats_an_obvious_sign_someones_american/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

    Anyway. Yeah I admit, now that I pay attention to what I do, I'm leaning on something, whether it be the wall, a desk, a chair, and if there's nothing I catch myself having my foot on top of something or playing with something. Can't stand straight I guess ha.

    Also. Why is the word DARK spelled with a K instead of a C?
    While on Reddit I stumbled upon a question that asked how one can tell if someone is clearly American, and one of the top comment was about how only, or mainly, Americans (US) eat/drink while walking. Do you not do that? Curious since it got like, over 20k likes and I'm like "oh wow okay, I never thought about that being only exclusive to us.

    And another was about how Americans lean while standing.
    Oh? Well, out of curiosity, what do you think of American accents? I was told American accents are kinda… I've heard people say we tend to soften words up? (Someone compared it to how we might make our Ts sound like Ds, like in Little Bottle of Water and City).

    …living plan? You have a living plan? W-what's the plan, Sami? What's the plan?!?

    oh drat
    You know, I like British voices in films, but the only two people whose British voices I've heard I… couldn't understand. Their accents were so heavy that I felt a little embarrassed having to ask again and again.
    Si (:<
    It has been done. I am now forg. Bow before your majesty.

    But I know who can:
    Speaking of Pudding. I'm actually debating on changing my username to Forg. Doesn't sound too terrible, does it? (Frogs are cute.)
    I mean, it better be worth thousands as it becomes this rare and collectible item.


    I may have temporarily run out of jokes. Worry not, I will collect some more and dump them here at a random point in our future. Never let down your guard.

    Oh you think so? Kinda made me go "oh okay that makes life a little bit nicer."
    Maybe these sick ass jokes will have me win him over.

    I own noooone, gaaaaaaah! I have a peppa pig plush I can trade with your wimpod one if you're interested.


    But for once I will take a break from jokes and give you something I thought was actually very thought provoking:

    Good choice. With that hard head of theirs nothing can stop them from completing the task at hand.

    Maybe have some sprite and fanta as ammunition too. If you put a picture of yourself in a locket, you could say you are,

    Scam? Nonsense! Your task is to revive this dead village. Then you'll be the mayor of this town and get all the food and money you could possibly wish for.

    With what army? What did the duck say when he bought lipstick?
    Make sure the type of matter you get is a solid. I hear gas and liquid are hard to grasp.

    Because if the opportunity presents itself, whether you be at the park or store, you can now pounce at these scenarios with good advice by your side.

    With a ouija board I can conjure you up & tell you more jokes. You won't get away that easily. Oh oops, another joke: Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off?
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