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  • Ah, I'm currently using the allegro versions of Cross Examination 2001, 2004, and 2007 as my main dueling themes, and I've got Pursuit 2007 and 2001 for my advantage and disadvantage themes, respectively. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot that I also have Investigation ~Core~ 2007 as my main menu theme, with Court Begins 2001 as my Deck Edit theme, ahaha. So yeah... pretty much every theme on there is from Ace Attorney now, LOL.

    Regarding the club, do you think it would be an okay idea to move it back to the Anime & Manga section? I'm not sure how it ended up in Video Games in the first place, but it seems to have been pretty dead in that section over the past few months. ;__; Of course, there's no guarantee that moving it would make much of a difference, but by this point I think it could be worth a shot! Especially since most people would (probably?) expect a YGO thread to be in the A&M section anyway!
    Lol. Do you have that Discord thingy or something? Talking through VM's is pretty painful...
    I do remember you, and I visit the forums ocassionaly. I remember those times too :) I don't know if there is some equivalent to the plug.dj going on right now...
    Dang it, has it really been two whole weeks since that duel?! Gahhhhh hopefully I'll be more active after this week, once my final exams are over! I still really want to try out Crystons, haha.

    By the way, was it you who said you used Ace Attorney music in YGOPRO? Because I got into the AA franchise a while back and it quickly made its way into my YGOPRO soundtrack, lol. (And somehow, using Ace Attorney music might have reminded me of that old conversation. xD)
    Ayyyy great duels out there! That was tons of fun, haha. Nice being able to duel with you again! :D See ya around!
    Sure thing, I can rehost it right now! Things were getting pretty interesting! =P
    Ah, just realized we got D/C'd haha! Would you still like to continue that last one or do you think we should take a break for the day? It's up to you!
    Hiii! I can't believe it's been so long, haha. Alrighty then, I'll get it hosted right away! The pass should be PC as usual. :P

    Hopefully I'm not too rusty haha, but I did practice a little!
    Heya! I hope Nationals is going well (or went well) for you! Regardless of how you placed, it must have been lots of fun, huh?

    And NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Apparently, both YGOPRO and DN are gone... D: *sobbing*
    No problem! :D (Oh jeez, I can't believe this message is two weeks late omg)

    After thinking about the YGO tourney for a while, I figured it would probably be ideal to do a GT event first since it's right around the corner, and we wouldn't want to waste that opportunity. And once that's over, the Tabletop Gaming section should still be up for another couple of months (I think?), so we can take care of the Swiss tourney sometime after the GT!

    Do you know when exactly in July you'll be leaving for Nationals, and for how long at the maximum? At worst, I'd assume that you might not have access to PC, and I wouldn't want you to miss some great opportunities to practice dueling!
    Hey remember that Swiss YGO tourney that we tried running a year back?

    Since there's a new Tabletop Gaming section (for the time being), how do you think of the idea of starting a new one there? It could get a lot more exposure than when it was in the club, and if we do try it, I could put up a forum-wide announcement on the Bulletin Board!

    While I myself have felt discouraged from the inactivity of previous YGO events, I'm thinking this new section could bring us a ray of hope! :D
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