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for him.
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  • oof so jealous!! i'm STILL waiting for troye to announce aus tour dates...... doing his home dirty i swear
    It's super nice and more modern. I think everyone will like it. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for it to be fully released.
    It looks better on the newer version of PokeCommunity, though you have to be a supporter to see it at the moment :(
    I saw that picture of Tae and was like "MUST USE!!!!!!!!!" kinda goes with everything tbh.
    i'm just patiently waiting on him to release some solo work that's not an OST tbh. solo album + pictures like that. can you say SWOONING
    I have a clear box that was originally used for tupperware that my mom gave me for them and it sits in my closet because rip no drawer space in my room. I have one album that's too big to even fit into the box so it sits on top lmao. It's this one and it's literally the size of an old school record. It's a beaut though.
    The other images of him in the magazine are even better tbh. I want to start collecting again. Eventually I want to put them on display in a glass cabinet or something lmao.
    I know I have a good 40+ albums laying around. You sound just like me lmfao. My friends got me a Men's Health Magazine with Jun. K on the cover. This one to be exact. I screamed at the top of my lungs tbh.
    I have a collection of them too. Haven't bought any in the past couple years or so though. It's something I want to get back into. CANNOT RESIST BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING.
    I was curious about her since I really wasn't keeping up with her and found out that she recently appeared on Masked Singer. I watched that episode and was reduced to tears. Especially when Ravi was so sure it was her. I was watching their show MTV Wonder Girls and all of them were so cute. After Sunye left Yeeun became my bias. But as I got more into them I really couldn't choose a bias. I just love them all lol.

    I actually started off with BoA's Japanese work. Didn't find out she was the QUEEN OF KPOP until much later lmao.
    I miss them too. Especially Sunye, she was my bias ㅠ_ㅠ
    I'm really happy all of them are doing great. I remember when I got into Kpop through SNSD, I branched out and found 2PM and Jun. K and Wooyoung have been my biases since then.
    BTS, Monsta X, Wonder Girls (all iterations), Infinite, f(x), EXO, 2PM, Red Velvet, TWICE, and a bunch more I'm having a brain fart.
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