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    2023 went by super slow for me nglll i just want it to end at this point kjshfdshl like. can it just go the fuck away hahaha

    > Yeah I saw you nuked it ahaha, and I kinda wanna nuke mine buuuut I may be attached to it so I'll leave it there as a history lesson for myself heh.
    I.... do kinda regret nuking it yeah :(((

    I'm gonna DM you on discord again soon bc I do remember your discord just now when I read this!!
    hello! i am very late to reply to this bcs i've been inactive on this account for so long haha. but yess rock is my main genre, and those are two of the bands that really got me into it~

    for AM i generally enjoy their first 2 albums way more than anything recent they've put out, especially Favorite Worst Nightmare. imo that deserves to be in the Top 500 albums of all time if it isn't already. for The Strokes, sort of the same thing lmao, their first 3 albums had some of their best stuff. i discovered them because a guitar youtuber was showing off some of the most influential guitar riffs of the 2000's, and when he played Reptilia i got curious enough to search it up. one thing led to another and i became obsessed with Room on Fire lol.

    hope you have a good day as well! i'll try not to be too late to reply again haha.
    Omg I can't believe I hadn't seen this! I hope you had an amazing birthday! :)

    It's indeed not often I find someone sharing our birth date but hey here we are!
    You're such a sweetheart. ^__^

    Hopefully this can serve as more inspiration for you: your poems have a creative rhythm in their structure with clever wordplay and simultaneously sound conversational as well. "Bittersweet Snapshots of Life," more specifically "Dancing Hearts" sounded like it was speaking to me, no different to a regular conversation, while also utilizing clever wordplay that ignites vigor in my psyche. Reading it gives me a feeling of personal inspiration and motivation, something that I seek constantly. The highlight of "Wind Witch" is definitely the rhythm and structure, as well as the metaphors. I was able to gather many things from it, namely that it is important for us to find a way to cool off when things get heated in life and when we're feeling under the weather, using actual wind as a metaphor. I enjoy it, girl, I really do enjoy it a lot. ^__^ "Obsession" seemed like the conclusion to the other poems from how I read, as in you finally reaped the benefits of finding peace through the chaos. You really do have a way with words and I really love it. I am definitely looking forward to you sharing more with us.
    It's good to hear from you, though I understand quite well when life needs to have priority, and I hope everything's going well for you!

    Now that's a wonderful way to look at it! Usually whenever I read that Minecraft has yet another update I get frustrated, as that generally means that I'm even
    farther away from being able to do and see all the game has to offer. Sort of like them just adding more work for me to do. Perhaps that's just me getting old...
    Less wonder at the possibilities, more grumbling at the extra effort it'll now require. I hope I'm able to appreciate the game the same way you do when I finally
    get the time to do a dedicated run of it again.

    I'm thrilled to know you had a good time at college! I've heard some uhh, mixed reviews from others about their time there ranging from really good to really bad,
    so I was just curious how things were for you. I know a thing or to about strict parents, having that freedom must've been... Wonderful.
    Biomedical Sciences? Wow! Well now I know who I'm going to call if I ever go on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'!
    Being a little more serious now, that is really impressive. I couldn't even begin to imagine everything you'd need to know these days to be successful in the
    medical field. I'm glad you didn't just shelve how you felt about your career path, it seems like too many people these days value money over everything else.
    Even if what they do to get it makes them suffer. That kind of thing always seemed, well, stupid. Time doesn't stop just for said people to get rich...
    I don't know, I guess I'm just saying that time's always been more valuable to me than money. I hope you find at least some happiness in whatever it is
    that you choose to do, for whatever reason you choose to do it.

    My time in school? Well, I was home schooled for one thing. That was fine for me, I never really liked being around people after a certain point in my life.
    That just made it easier. As for plans, I tend to go with the flow, so to speak. There's... A lot more to that aspect of my life, but I'd rather not unpack that area just now,
    if that's alright. (now to move on to a lighter topic)

    You should really look up a video on Youtube of someone playing through it, just to see everything you missed out on! It's a really 'cool' (lol) level!
    Or you could always wait until you get to play it yourself as to not spoil it of course.

    I'm pretty sure you just mentioned most of the whole game as your favorite hahaha! And for the record, I also enjoy all of those levels!
    Though another level I'd like to add to that list is Ricco Harbor! (did that name always have two 'C's in it? cause I only remember it having one...)
    I loved the music in that game too, very tropical! I loved that game too, I'm just bad at it is all lol.

    *In the voice of Andross* I'm looking forward to this!
    *Ahem* I've only ever done one attempt at something like DnD before, and I found it to be really unpleasant. It was (kinda ironically) a Pokemon themed DnD
    thing my buddy brought my in on once. *sigh* I don't know if the page has enough space to hold all the text of the things that went wrong with that,
    but I'll try to some it up as best I can. Don't try to bring an already pre-established character to a group you don't know, in a setting you don't know,
    with rules you don't know, with an overarching theme that 'technically' should've happened long before said character even got to the region in question,
    while also having said campaign's 'session zero' without the damn new guy! I was RPing as a damn '20 something' year old washed up champion,
    who's two RP mates were a couple of 10 year old children in Kanto! *Slams head on wall* Aaaaanyway...

    Congrats on the job! I hope you meet some nice people! My buddy's friend works at a mall, so I've got to hear some... Interesting stories to say the least!
    I've got a dang mountain of quarters, want me to send you some? (Just kidding, that would probably kill the poor mail person lol)

    Hey! I still think museums are cool! (even though I've never had the pleasure of going to one)
    I'd like to go to an aquarium or zoo if I'm ever in a city that has a nice one. (or has one at all honestly lol)

    Hmmm... The only episode I remember where his wife was a wedding planner was in the one where George hallucinated that he was in a gay relationship with Ernie,
    and the two were going to get married.

    Oh no. You can tell me whatever crosses your mind! I was only letting you know that I don't go out of my way to listen to podcasts and things on those topics on
    my own time, talking about that kind of stuff doesn't bother me at all, so no worries.
    Honestly, I actually really like to listen to the things people I like to talk to think about the world, so go for it if you want.

    As for 'proper' Youtube channels that I like... Well, there's Tomato's Trash, (Twitch vod channel) my favorite content creator at the moment, and has been for the
    last three years. I do have others I'll watch now and then, but nothing like I do Tomato. I used to have a lot I'd follow, but it just got overwhelming for me time wise.
    I'll list some of the other ones next time.

    Oh my god I couldn't even imagine the pressure of having to do that! NO THANK YOU lol. I've only really had to do it once, and it wasn't even close to being
    that stressful! 'Speak' is a strong word, let's go with ' have a very basic understanding of' and go from there. I can understand a very small bit of Spanish,
    I used to know more, but I'm VERY out of practice. I can understand a small amount of Japanese, and can even speak a tiny bit of it, though I could probably
    do more if I took the time to learn their sentence structure. I also understand a very small bit of Italian, to me it kinda sounds a bit like Spanish at times oddly enough.
    I haven't had any desire to learn French myself, but I wish you all the good fortune in your possible future study of it!

    It's cool you listened to both, I wasn't sure if you had or not. I'd say my favorite was the girl's version, I really love some of the raw emotion it has...

    (I don't have any idea how my reply got so dang long! If it keeps going it'll eclipse the sun! Anyway, I'm glad you're doing alright. I'm looking forward to hearing
    from you the next time you get a chance at some free time. Wishing you all the best!)
    It was mostly just a sandbox building game back then. The console version didn't even have creative mode yet. These days I'd say it has a bit too much new stuff for me...
    You went to college? Neat-o! What was that like? What did you study? I never went to college, so I only know what people tell me lol.

    That's a shame! Feezy Peak (what I called it as a kid lol) was such a good level! Please tell me you were at least able to get the fly move from the level before it went black...
    Sunshine was surprisingly hard for me. I've tried to do multiple races of it (in the same way I did the ones for Banjo) but always fell really behind and gave up.
    It is a very beautiful game though, my favorite level was always Sirena Beach due to the mini hotel theme and the nice sunset you get to see every time you start the level.
    What's your favorite level?

    Well I'm sorry to your friend for her loss, as I find talking to you to be one of the highlights of my day as of late.
    My friend is getting really into dnd, and all of his friends from that world. He even broke one of our only two traditions, to spend new years eve together till the countdown ends!
    But the last two years, he's left early to spend the evening with his dnd buddies! The nerve of some people! (well, he did technically invite me, but he knows I don't like
    being around a big group of people I've never met)
    And you're right, it's good this is mainly a forum about Pokemon, or else I wouldn't have joined in the first place! (I wouldn't have known it even existed to be fair)

    I do, and she is a beauty! I'm glad I got her too, walking her has been really good for me, in more ways than one. (I don't get out much, if you couldn't tell)
    I've never been to an 'official' aquarium before, none that I know of are in my city. (no zoos either) But I'd like to see one at some point in my life.

    Glad to know you also liked George Lopez! Great show... Anyway, when it comes to making long lists, it's the same for me with video games lol.
    I want to say I've read something to the equivalent of webcomics before, though I've never hear of webtoons. I've also only heard about Homestuck in passing,
    so I can't say if I think I would like it or not. My Mom's really into conspiracy stuff too, I like hearing what people think or find out about things, but I'm not
    usually one to go listening to that kinda stuff on my own. (mostly because I'm often more invested in fiction than reality, as realily can be very depressing for me at times)
    There is one I know very well though. As it's screwed up my life on way too many occasions...

    As for other media.. I watch a few shows, I really like movies (when I actually take the time to watch one), Most of my media time is spent on Youtube though.
    It's hard to know for sure what to put down and what's considered excessive info ya know? Though I'd be glad to keep chatting about that, just not all in one post lol.

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're talking about Gen 1. I've seen all the way up to the Gen 1 movie, but took a break since I didn't have said movie on dvd at the time I was watching
    the series. Armada came out in the very early 2000's if you didn't know. It was also the first of a trilogy of shows that came out after it. (though Armada was the best one IMO)

    Well, when I was really little it was Dora (LOL), then it was George Lopez, then a mixture of all the rest of the shows/movies that I watched after that.
    It's less of me watching dedicated Spanish speaking shows, more me watching shows that have Spanish speakers in them and picking things up.
    You might be surprised to hear that I'm a pretty good listener in person, and a very good listener to things that interest me, like other languages and cultures for example.
    Not to mention helpful if you ever find yourself as a go between for two people who know literally nothing about the language the other is speaking.
    (yes, I am speaking from personal experience lol)

    It's sad to know that the person that composed that song is no longer with us... Their talent will be greatly missed.
    Did you listen to both versions? If you did, which one was your favorite of the two?
    If you remember what song you're thinking of, let me know as I'd love to hear it. Oh, and i'm glad you liked Astronauts.
    (Thus ends this mountain of text, will I manage to find a way to make the next one even bigger? Find out next time! lol)
    Thanks a lot for the birthday wish, forg! I appreciate it a lot! I definitely look forward to more of your poems as well. They're really well written. As for January, I guess you can say it's a cool month, quite literally too. Lol It's a good month to turn the heat on, snuggle up, and relax!
    Yep! the first version of Minecraft I played was on the Xbox 360. That was back before the game even had a hunger bar!

    I don't know much about emulators. I've yet to be in a position to need one, though that may change in time.
    Which level was it? I couldn't imagine having to do a level like Rusty Bucket Bay or Click Clock Wood like that... Yeesh.
    I mostly run Banjo on my 360 these days, not having to recollect notes when I die in level's a nice feature, even if I don't die all that often.
    Here's hoping you get a break soon to relax for a while and play some old classics.

    Funnily enough, he and I aren't that close anymore. We still hang out from time to time, but his life's going in kind of a different direction from mine.
    I'm not all that bothered by that though honestly. If it wasn't, I don't think I'd have joined this site, and I much prefer to talk to people here every day,
    to the once every week or two when he was all I had. I do have another more recent friend, but she doesn't live around here anymore,
    so keeping up with her and her life is a lot more difficult.

    I love Air Ride! It was one of my most played games I had on my Gamecube back in the day. (though I mostly only played City Trial)

    As someone who's got a very feisty Husky, I can say that there definitely some dogs that expect more from you than others lol!
    (and yet my cat is somehow more high maintenance)
    I've seen some beautiful aquariums in my life that were filled with very pretty fish, so I can easily say that's a good choice! Though you can't hug fish sadly...
    My grandparents also had an aquarium, with a HUGE sucker fish in it!

    I can think of a few sitcoms I've watched to death. (mostly cause there was nothing else on at the time)
    I will say that my favorite sitcom/comedy/errrr 'funny TV show' I watched all the time and I still find very funny even though it's kinda old now,
    was George Lopez.
    I watched that show any time it was on when I was growing up, even if I might've been a bit too young for some of the jokes at the time.
    What are some of the other types of media that are you interested in?

    You know, if you do get around to actually watching it, you'll be the first person who's ever taken a show recommendation from me.
    I honestly don't know if that makes me happy or sad... It does make me wish I'd have found this site sooner though, that's for sure.
    (please don't take that as pressure to actually watch it, just knowing that you even considered it makes me happy)

    I would say self-taught through media, I've watched a lot of hours of a few shows that had a fair amount of Spanish spoken in them,
    and picked some up here and there over the course of my life. It's the same thing with my (admittedly better understood) Japanese. The only real reason I don't feel that
    comfortable speaking them in public or learning more words, is that I have a really hard time with other language's sentence structure,
    (I have a hard enough time trying not to look like an idiot with just my English, much less a language I don't know all that well)

    Be warned, it's kind of depressing if you read the lyrics. I'd recommend either
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys7tK4EZjYU this version, (it's best done at 0.9 speed BTW)
    or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABUffetyo_0 this version. (they are both done differently, so you might want to check both)
    Hahahaha! I do build map rooms as a matter of fact! The largest one I've ever fully filled in was a 3 tall, 5 wide, brick that I did on a 'Hardcore' playthrough.
    It was honor based Hardcore since Minecraft Switch doesn't have a Hardcore difficulty. (at least it didn't at the time, I don't know if it ever got one added after I did that run)

    I don't know much at all about the older Animal Crossing games, but I'm sure the memes are great regardless!

    Cool! Did you ever get all 120 stars? Or all the collectibles in Banjo? I've done (thanks to the magic of Youtube videos) multiple 100% races of Banjo.
    I think it was three, though I may have done one twice. I would LOVE to race people in that game live though.
    I've heard Crystal Shards was good, but I've never even seen a playthrough of it much less play it myself. In fact, the first real Kirby game I've had the pleasure of playing
    was Forgotten Land. I played that in co-op with my Sans loving friend, he played as Kirby and I played Banana. (inside joke)
    That game was WAAAAAAY better than it had any business being IMO. Oh, I also played Air Ride, but I'm not sure if that would count as a 'Traditional Kirby' game.
    (And I still blow on my N64 cartridges when they don't work lol. It hasn't failed me yet!)

    Having pets that you love around is awesome. My room would be too quiet if I didn't have my cat. Do you know what animal you want to have as a pet?

    I've only seen a couple OVAs (whatever those are) and one proper anime. I'm very picky when it comes to stuff like that. I have seen a few abridged anime on Youtube though.
    I mostly love Japanese music and 'some' JRPGs.

    If you ever feel like watching any of the old Transformer cartoons, I'd recomend Transformers Armada. It's got some crust to it, but the ol' skool animation,
    good voice work (most of the time) and plot in the second half of the show sold me. (the first half is kinda hard to get through at times though)

    Spanish is a beautiful language, I can understand more of it than I can speak though. (which isn't much) Cool being bilingual by the way!
    Have you ever written any stories or poems in Spanish?

    I try to sing some of the Japanese songs I've heard through games or on youtube. The closest I've ever gotten to singing one just right is a song called 'Astronauts'.
    I managed to find the spoken lyrics typed in English and practiced it from there.
    Glad to know my occasional essay won't bother you!

    Weirdly, when it comes to Minecraft at least, I have bouts of extreme focus on one random style of play, IE I'll just go caving/mining for a few hours,
    or I'll spend an almost ridiculous amount of time/resources trying to make my house look perfect for the style I'm going for at the time,
    or I'll just walk in a direction until I'm lost, then I try to find my way back (with varying degrees of success).
    There was even one time that I found one of those dilapidated villages and spent the whole of three play sessions repairing the whole thing.
    Even going as far as trapping and curing zombie villagers to repopulate the place.
    And there's nothing wrong with having plenty of extra supplies.

    My first Animal Crossing game was New Leaf, and Tom was one of the first four villagers I interacted with.
    The others being Hugh the pig, Molly the duck, and Bonbon the rabbit. That was around 12 years ago and I still remember them. Tom was always my boy though.

    I lived on the 64 for years! Always one of my favorites! There are MANY games on that system that I love to bits,
    but the game that just barely tops the list is Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. I've played that game all the way through more than twenty times in my life,
    and it's the only game I've ever done a proper any% speedrun through to completion.
    I also love Star Fox 46, Mario 64, Mario Party 1 & 3, the two Legend of Zelda's, Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (VERY crusty though),
    and a few more I can't think of at the minute. Which N64 games are your favorites?

    Sorry about Luigi. It reminds me of my cat Delilah I had to give up due to her always peeing on everything.
    Luigi's a good name for a rooster.

    That's a good way to look at it. I don't know if I could be positive if I lost my phone that used to have a few very important old pictures on it. (there on my laptop now though)

    technically I only own an Ocarina, but my dad owns a piano and a banjo that he inherited from his mother, and my mom owns a really nice electric piano.

    A buddy of mine wrote something akin to fanfiction that he let me read. It was pretty okay for how old he was when he wrote it.
    I do self-insert stories all the time, but I've never written any of them down sadly.
    Love that yours was a Transformers story though! Did you ever watch any of the cartoons?
    Also cool of that person to really get into your story!
    That same friend I mentioned earlier LOVES Sans (like full on cosplay loves), I can't say I'm one way or the other about him. (he's got cool music though!)

    But have you ever tried to sing a song in a language you don't know very well? If someone ever heard me when I do that I'd actually die lol.
    (Good grief! Am I trying to build a castle out of text? That wall is huge!)
    I like to vary the types of games I play to avoid burnout, but I tend to favor RPG and adventure games. I do enjoy playing Minecraft from time to time,
    though I don't play it nearly as much as I did ten years ago since the friend I used to play it with got busy with life.
    I also used to play AC but got bored after I finished the Museum. Do you happen to have a favorite villager? Mine was the cat Tom.
    (If I were to list every game I loved to play here it would truly be a wall of text lol)

    My parents have gotten into raising chickens for that exact reason funnily enough.

    Nope. I've never lost or broken any of the whole two phones I've had in my life. Though I never really use them enough to put them in harms way.
    Sorry to hear about all the bad luck you had though. If it makes you feel any better, I broke my last laptop because I forgot I was wearing headphones and stood up
    too fast lol. I've also broken a few of my old handheld game systems back when I was either too rough or negligent with them.

    Hey, don't worry about the compliments thing with me, Just say how you feel, good, bad or otherwise. I just like the truth.

    I love to listen to music, but I have no talent in its craft. (I do own a few instruments though, so I could practice if I took the time)
    I work on stories all the time (whith my specialty being character interaction), but have no skill at writing 'down time'.
    I have a really hard time with the idea that whoever would read any of my stories wouldn't enjoy them due to my style of story telling being
    very reliant on a character's ability to show emotion. If I had any skill at drawing I could make comics, but I don't sadly.
    And even if I did, I'd still be stuck behind my desire to make everything absolutely perfect...
    I'll admit I've only taken a recent interest in poetry, it's possible that I could do something with it, but I've never tried.
    I do sing songs that I love (and know all the words to lol) on occasion, I can't say my voice is very good, but that doesn't stop me from singin' to myself.
    (sorry about the wall of text)
    I mostly look to games for my accomplishments... (a bad habbit I know) But there are times when I just feel like trying to make something from scratch. (and I'm happy to report that not all of them end up horrible failures!)
    I know what you mean about the money thing, dang food's getting expensive! And no, I don't EVER eat frozen pineapple pizza. (the thought of that makes me gag lol)

    There's nothing I can say about what I liked about my old phone that you didn't summarize perfectly in your post. All I can say about my 'new phone' is that it's a necessary piece of dog sh- garbage.
    If either of them had /have games on them it would be news to me. (also rip your old flip phone)

    I'm not all that good at giving compliments, I mostly just say how I feel. (and I'm terrible with receiving them, just some form of self doubt or something) I don't plan on going anywhere for the foreseeable future,
    so there's a really good chance I'll be here to read your next great work. (no pressure intended lol)
    Nothin' wrong with trying to make sure the thing you're spending a bunch of time cooking turns out alright. That's the biggest reason I can't really get into cooking,
    I don't want to waste my time getting everything prepped, cooked, then cleaned, just for the meal to be trash. That's why I usually go for the easy can/box/frozen
    option instead.

    The only thing I do on my phone is send quick texts to the whole two people I know. It's an old (caveman really) style flip phone that I had to 'upgrade' (LOL)
    to from my old texting keyboard style phone that I've had for the last ten years.

    Well I'll be looking forward to reading more of your poems when you get more inspiration. As I said on your poetry post, the first three you wrote could be lyrics to music,
    they were beautiful.
    Maybe? I just really like gingerbread cookies... I'm not really into cooking/baking all that much. (I do like to cook for/with other people though, it makes it interesting for me)
    I would like to try my hand at baking a cake at some point in my life though.

    That's good to hear, I'd hate for my semi-obliviousness to come across as me ignoring you. I try to always respond to any messages I receive as soon as I see them.
    I don't much like keeping people waiting.

    I'm glad you did! I enjoy reading your posts quite a lot, especially your poetry.
    I'm not really much of a roleplayer, so I haven't been to those sections of the site yet. I really like the game section though!
    oi do you by any chance have discord and are ok with one mad dutchman adding you on the platform? XD
    From scratch actually, they turned out pretty good as well! Though the best I've ever had came from a professional bakery.

    Well, according to when it says you posted here, it would've been night. Weird how I didn't see the notification for your post earlier though.

    Indeed, I mostly made my account to assist others with trades, but that isn't always the most lively area of the site... So I looked around, saw all the cool conversation happening
    in different areas and well, I guess I'm an active user now! It's been nice to be able to chat and joke around with other people regularly for a change.
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