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  • forg has forgor the name pudding

    who can, tell me >:o

    Oh those are like standard standards, the daily special is something different. Well if you pull my arm or leg I will be sad i need those.
    Well on second thought most of the standards I have are quite normal tho... someone i can meme around with, have a good laugh with, supportive, someone that can accept the nonsense i bring and my hobbies of card games, video games and what not hahahaha
    then there are some bonus standards... those are not for everyone on this site to see :'D
    It doesn't, however considering I use forgor for forgot... i now hear forgor everytime so now i think you forgot something

    god can't save you now

    gives me time to be permanently save >:(

    Well that is something not for the public eye to be known :D
    idk about that one Pudding... idk about that one tbf

    YES, YES YOU DID >:(

    oh thank god, I am safe for now.

    Well to be fair... it could be cause of my weird standards y'know
    either that or you will turn into a 1000 PCS lego set Pudding edition... who knows :D


    oh god no

    That is very thought provoking, that sounds like me :')
    thats it im calling Raiden

    I own one and it is very cute yes :'D

    I swear if its a honhoneon....
    that didnt help armstrong against a red sword so that cannot help you either >:(

    wdym hard it's very soft and cuddly... oh wait thats the plush


    ok im hiring Cranidos for it.

    good to know i can now use coca cola to throw at people
    your jokes end here senator pudding

    but I'm toooo lazy to revive a dead village saj. I'm also too lazy to be a mayor aaaaaaaaa.

    I'm the one man army ok B)
    Yeah i have some solid objects that will aid me in this quest allright >____>

    Why do I have a feeling this is just a massive scam, this village is dead af aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    you must be stopped at all costs this is against every single term of the Geneva convention and if its not I will make it so! >:(
    then I will take matters into my own hands, fine >.>

    what kinda whack advice is that I have a feeling this will end terribly WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS

    these jokes will be the death of me
    oh no dont you even dare >_>

    thats kinda whack, there are no moms in the park and i have no smol cousin :(((


    whoa whoa whoa too mu- oh ffs its another bad joke
    oh no this is illegal im calling the cops my sides cannot take it

    I mean sure, but what if you don't have kids? D:

    this is illegal D:<

    why must you torture me like this D:<
    Exactly, I am content with my tiny 6mm ball thrower collection :'D

    Uhhhhhhhhh that would leave a massive mess since my room does not like me doing somersaults whatsoever hahahaha.
    It's a very understandable process too, can't have anybody get their hands on a firearm without a proper check.

    I mean most of my regrets were most about how introverted I was and how little I did to get out of my lonely bubble, which may have impacted me to this very day :P
    But ye hindsight is 2020 and we almost live in 2023, can't know untill it happens.

    It does make me a little sad though :')
    nope i'm actually in hillsborough! just not the city of tampa

    i actually went to USF for a semester as a transfer student after getting my associates, but dropped out because they were hard for me and had little to no academic support resources for my program at the time. but i am happy to say that i am back in school at one of the state colleges going for a bachelor's in cybersecurity with plans to graduate at the end of next year :D
    Eventually yeah, but the process here is a bit... complicated with all the licensing and screenproofing.

    I was a very clean noodle, maybe a bit too clean tbf. I saw no reason to do any of these things since there was no purpose in them for me... Like I said I was way different back then that I never went out, never really cared much about anything... just being at home was fine enough. Heck it often leaves me with much regret in hindsight haha.
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