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  • west central, a little inland. closer to the gulf than i am disney though XD

    yeah it does!! i've made quite a few friends here too just by being from florida
    I haven't, don't have the license for that part.

    Well in terms of events I am quite boring. Not really a lot of shenanigans has happened in my life.
    It is very elegant indeed, apart from the iron sights those are ugly as hell

    Only truths have been spoken in that sentence... i find my life very interesting too
    absolutely agree with the last line!
    Saiki is all on netflix if that helps at all! The eps are literally 5 mins ish too (grouped together for the full episode length) so it's super low time investment and easy to get into! You will enjoy it I'm sure, it's hilarious and under rated as hell.
    & yeah Air Gear is short, as it's only 1 season & an OVA, hopefully one day it gets the brotherhood treatment with a new/full adaptation.
    Lmk if you do watch either!
    I'm sure I don't need to sell HxH or Code Geass to you as they're both considered classics by so many, all I can say is I also immensely loved both series.
    Glad to hear you are a fellow YGO fan too! :))
    yeah I will get to it one day when I feel like I can make decent progress on it.
    Air Gear and Saiki K are two of my favs that aren't perhaps as well known, besides them some classics that are also favs would be DB, Code Geass, YGO, HxH, Cowboy Bebop & ofc Naruto. OPM that you mentioned is probably up there for me too. Tbh there's been a lot great recently too, but I feel like the dust hasn't settled on some of them yet for me to brand them a favourite or not. Often when I look back and remember how a series made me feel is when I get a kinda "true"/final verdict, if that makes sense, so I can be really enjoying a current a series but still feel it's too early to be a fav haha. So maybe some more recent/airing series could one day be new favs for me too!
    Well it's mainly cause I played the first Medal of Honor and seeing like the M1 Garand, StG44 and others I was just like... damn they look so cool.
    It is not silly to assume, I do adore the M1918 BAR, StG44, Thompson, M1903 Springfield, PPsH-41 and Mosin Nagant to name a few favorites. That's just from the WW2 era even :'D

    My life is a peculiar one, youngling
    I haven't gotten around to One Piece or Nichijou yet, but I've seen all the others you mentioned! Gurren Lagann is one of my favs too! :)
    Considering how I go around in strategy games, my strategy is to just go in ramming speed hahaha.
    Main interest has been the equipment and weapons though.

    and thats just one part of many interests hahaha
    Yeah really, the Pacific theatre isn't one I explored too much so much of the Japanese stuff I am a bit clueless about :'D

    Ah understandable, I do be a realist myself but with a touch of memery haha.
    We shall see :P

    Ah yes one of the battles after the whole chaos in Germany. It is quite interesting indeed.

    wait i thought I was the only one with a cold heart
    hmmmmmm i will accept it for now... >_>

    The warfare, tactics used, equipment all that jazz. From a kid onward I grew up with warfare strategy games and I was always fascinated by the tanks, buildings and bases.
    Dad is really into the WW2 era, mostly cause of involvment of a great granddad, thats how the whole fascination kicked off and then it rubbed off a little to me cause he played those games and then I played those games.
    oi oi what is it now oi oi oi

    Yeah there is interest in that, through video games and my dad that have caught on my interest.
    yes that one

    Well I need to build the whole battlefield, then all armies, its money draining and time consuming, but it'll be fun

    ok ok ok D:<

    the sillier games do be the better ones, I wanted to build my own little wargame but thats still a WIP

    what you want me to stop being me who do you want me to be then? not me? D:<

    I have actually, but more in the sense of poker... never again

    Nah no apologies needed can't know everything :D
    wait... which knee?

    sometimes the people who use flaming hot items are the coldest people out there... it is -4 degrees here after all would be suprised if i was hot

    yes I do. I like board games, wargames, card games for sure with YuGiOh :P

    no I had to get a license, a test to see if I was fit to own airsoft rifles and mentally sane enough, that took almost a whole year in and of itself
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