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    It's a secret. c:

    Seriously though background-attachment: fixed; I just hope we don't see everyone running around with a parallax signature
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Pokèmon are not considered to be "persons" under Galactic Law and thus are not warranted full human rights, as defined by the UN. That is, your consent is neither necessary nor possible for the reproduction of any images or artist conceptions of any member of your species or their natural behavior, including, but not limited to, voluptuously licking the full body of a 10 year-old girl. This is true for any information network means limited to within the DMH boundary of the Milky Way.

    Any further pursuit of your claim with any authority will be met with utmost ridicule and most likely a counter-suit for felony sexual harassment.

    Kind regards,

    Phoenix F. Wright, Galx. J.D.
    I think my heart might've stopped at "smirks like a rapist"

    This is very intriguing satire. It does say a lot about over-labeling, I think, but it does get down to be pretty offensive.

    But oh my god he dropped his copy of the Wall Street Journal I died
    Not an actual person, no. But there exists a doodle that someone made that has me as a little girl from when we established that all the users in that thread were clearly little girls.
    I mean, if that's the way you feel, then that's your problem.

    Besides, are you unfamiliar with Rule 63 of the Internet? It basically states that if a character exists, there also exists a gender-bent version of that character, be it fanon or canon.
    I'm not trying to start a gossip session about smogon, I just wanted that story to get out more. I don't see why people are sticking their head in the sand.
    Why would I want to ban you haha.
    This'll sound a bit ironic, but I've never tried them.

    It was just something to go with the avatar. Bit of a hipster-ish reference, as 98% of the people on this site won't get it.
    I'm not sure I see it. My faith is based on a lack of suspension of disbelief, not apathy. vwv

    That being said, be my guest.
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