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  • Yeah, that's true. It was rough , but it ended well.

    Okay , tell me what you think! :D
    Oh , I have a ton of holographic and promos, too. The shiny original Articuno was actually also a promo, though I didn't remember until you just told me about Promos. Another favourite card of mine is a Pikachu from when I went to Build A Bear for their stuffed Pikachu. That was the only reason I went , was for the plushie, lmao. They overstuffed him a bit, but I really love how chubby he looks xD I was surprised when I got the card. I had gone to Build A Bear with my friend who wanted the Eevee, and she got the Eevee card.

    The main reason I haven't been wanting to give away any of my cards is because my autistic brain hasn't really matured in some areas , such as hobbies and interests (I watch Paw Patrol, is that sad? XD I mean, the puppies are so cute ), while it has matured in things like knowledge and knowing how to handle situations.

    Ooh, I remember I had caught a Poliwhirl and evolved it into Poliwrath. I didn't use her much , though, since she didn't really strike my fancy as a favourite (wow , I even remember my old Pokemon's genders xD)

    What was the first card you ever got?

    And , I heard your dad died. I am very sorry to hear that. I spent a lot of time in the hospital as a kid, for my own conditions and later on my dad's. When I wasn't at the hospital for tests or appointments for my health problems, I was visiting my dad. He was in the hospital for four years straight during my childhood; four years of birthdays and holidays without him. But, he is alive and well now , and he will be here for a long time, so I'm happy.

    Oh, did you hear about the stuffed electronic Power Action Pikachu that came out recently from Wicked Cool Toys? Its so cute , I want it, aaaaahhhhh >.<
    It's quite alright. I worked as a waiter at a local restaurant , but I had to quit to get ready for college next month.

    Ah , Pidgey was the very second one I caught. Actually, the three Pokemon I had used the most were Pikachu, Pidgeot , and Raticate. Not a very good combo, but I was little. Plus, I had been using Nidoqueen, Charizard , and Lapras later on, as well. But, the three I started out with were my most used at the time.

    Btw, I went through my old Pokemon cards and found quite a few good ones, including a shiny Mew, which I got really excited about. Then , I found a shiny Articuno that was from the original series in 2000. And , a special edition Wartortle from the original very first series. I plan on putting all of my 3000 + cards in a large binder and storing them away again, so I'll have them to look back to later on for the nostalgic feeling, lol.
    Sun and Moon are fun games :) the anime is fun too. Did you get ultra sun or ultra moon? those are even more fun^^ theres so much to do in those games :D
    She's so beautiful ^///^ *kisses her keystoned hand* (serious fangirl here haha xD) Lucario is an awesome pokemon too! Is he one of your favs? :3 (he is one of mine xD for sure)

    I dun get it O.o; Didn't you have free time after school?....
    Hey. I just wanted to know what was the first Pokemon you ever caught in your very first game? Mine was Ratatta in Pokémon Yellow
    Lets talk all about pokemon!!! :D YAY!!!!

    Whats some really nostalgic childhood moments of yours relating to pokemon?

    Also, do you think Korrina is a cool gym leader? :3 I think she's the top coolest of all gym leaders, and she's a beautiful hottie to me, and I just love her so much and i'd make her mine if i could!!!! She's too wonderful.....:DDDD
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