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  • Apologies Pinkie... you've been carrying such a burden, and I didn't known.

    I've been gone a while, do you still feel that way? I've moved on, but if you'd like I would step back into the fray for you hahaha...
    The Pokémon ratings thread is driving me insane because of the usual suspects (I'm even dealing with one who won't admit that the Pokémon anime has gotten worse after the fad died).
    Not as bad as I am my friend.

    It's cool i'm just showing some appreciation to a really cool guy XD Thank you for being awesome.
    Hey Frozocrone...

    Hmm still don't know your real name... So sorry if this is a little impersonal... It's been a year since I joined PC Thank you for being a bro! stay frosty!
    SM has made Pokemon Anime into a hell section for sure. I now feel like wanting to avoid the section due to these arguments.
    Considering what that "is the Sun & Moon anime set in an AU" thread has descended into, do you think Pokemon Anime is the hardest section for the staff to handle? I could imagine all the stress Kostas got in there deleting all those spam posts and rants, while it never stops.

    I personally do believe anime sections in general are hell, especially if dealing with such a divisive topic that is prone to drawing ranters.
    Still, it's made things become even more divided. The Pokemon anime community has been split into two opposing forces which has never happened to this extent with the previous sagas.

    And of course someone roasts me for pointing out SM anime problems again. This guy reblogged a post which I had to delete due to the negative attention it got, and he called me "desperate" which I find very offensive. That link is not fanfic stuff, but pointed out at a tweet by the sound director.

    Face it, don't ever try and point out SM is flawed on Tumblr because everyone on there loves to defend this crappy saga of a Pokemon anime.

    This guy happens to be Janovy on Serebii Forums, a place I had to quit because my stance on the SM anime problems caused me to get nothing but a total roasting.
    Also, a nice treat for Dawn fans in SM013. That COTD with blue hair happened to be voiced by Emily Jenness, who voiced Dawn.
    I feel the only reason that name was picked was because of it being Ice-type, and it reminds me of what most people would name their Ice-type. The dub keeps showing just how bad it is, and that is when a lazy, generic nickname gets used.

    At least "Caserin" the Luvdisc wasn't generic...
    So SM013 revealed Shiron's English name...

    If you ever finish season 3 of the anime try reading the VN's, there's a ton of volumes out... they're fan translated tho.

    Good luck on your VGC team... I was never good for competitive Pokemon but tell me how it goes :D
    I'm fine now... I've already finished mourning. It's hard losing both your grandparents in a span of 3 months 0_0

    A lot has changed in the Anime Industry... Anime Otaku tend to watch late nights now, and not really pay attention to prime time shows... well unless its pre-cure (╯✧∇✧)╯

    Shiny Arcanine and Ninetales. Σ(゜ロ゜; )
    Talk about flexing your shiny hunter muscles... It'll be hard placing both of them on the same team tho.

    Is it 3 on 3 or 6 on 6?

    Good luck your last exam... Play hard study harder!!!
    Frozocrone what's UP!!!

    Oh yeah, dude thanks for keeping the ratings thread alive while I dealt with some personal stuff...
    great. actually i don't really care about its IV, since i just going to make it as my breeding parents. no need to rush. take it easy.
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