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  • Well I am unable to download that Project Glowing Gold.ips

    Do you still have it...

    if yes then can you give me that ips file
    I don't know if you're still around, but I was wondering if you by any chance help me with a python problem?(environmental variables are failing, thus pygame refusing to obey my command!) Appreciate it man.
    Oh, I didn't even notice. My background is white, and the text was white. So, the older the code the better?
    Full time job at uni, you're suicidal.
    I might have a copy of your Python Pokemon plus some of your tools.

    And we don't, I just
    A) don't have your number anymore, new phone and junk.
    B) don't remember wtf your email is.
    Also, I'm sure if I harassed you enough, you would totally jump back into the scene for me. <3
    Signature Question* How were you able to set an image as a "background" and have text and/or other images on top of it? It's really cool :)
    Alright man, I'll take a look into it. Sorry about the delayed response, been busy with stuff lately. xD. Mind if I add you on skype if it's a problem? :P
    Thanks man, been itching to try some programming languages but I always manage to screw up the synthax xD.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Hey Full Metal, I recall a long time ago that you were quite a tinker at python, do you have any advice on where to start for that? Or, should I try other programming languages if there's better options? Thanks for your time man.
    Sorry, I was AFK when you logged on. Can you log on again when you have more time?
    Do you have a Gateway? You can easily (sorta...) dump and decrypt a ROM if you can run a gateway exploit. It's also ridiculously easy to compile your own exploit (it's one C file with all the dependencies built in). I've done it with Pokemon X, so let me know if you need some links on how to do this (I don't have firmware < 4.5, so I can't - I had to use someone else's 3DS for decrypting Pokemon X). Also, you should visit the IRC sometimes. It would be easier to exchange ideas/resources whose legality is questionable.
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