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  • LOL. No clue how I manage to keep doing that, hahaha! Exams/projects are the main reason, along with the fact that I've just moved to a new home and have a lot of work to do, so I'm gonna have a hard time keeping up with PC. I'll more than likely be back by April though, so I should be able to resume my duties then! :D
    No worries! This reply is only months late as well :P

    I'm studying Fine Arts, but I'll probably switch to Liberal Arts at some point.
    Yay, and I'm totally here to call you Carnage/Zodiac/Neon/holy crap how many names do you have/Forecast! Or Furball, of course. XD And ohhhhhhh no, sir! Anything except that or Dragoon. :P (Revise totally works, though!)

    By Hybrid, do you mean the name or the sockpuppet? xD And yeah, you're dark all right. :p Heck, wasn't your username DarkFox at one point? That'd explain it, haha.

    Man, is there a lot of math involved with studying music? I think my trigonometry professor said so at one point. o_o Aaaand I'm studying IT (Information Technology), something that I might regret in the future. (Maybe.)

    LOL, I could never get through anything with more than 190 episodes, haha. I would probably die if I had to watch Bleach or One Piece. xD As for XY&Z, yeah! It's still a continuation of the first XY, but there are gonna be a ton of epic battles and plot points up ahead of us. :D
    Yup, Shark is still one of my nicknames, but the problem is that I can't get anyone to call me that! xD I guess it's because I only had the Shark username for about 2 weeks before changing to Revise, which lasted for a year. :p

    "Hybrid was asking for it." Hahahaha, he totally was. XD And unfortunately, yes. I have officially joined the dark side of alts. >.<

    Dang, the tests. :/ I'm basically in the same position as you right now! Lots of tests coming up, and I seriously have to ace this semester no matter what.

    Ah, okay! I asked because Silver Claw and I were talking about Yu-Gi-Oh, and I think he mentioned that you forced him to watch 500+ episodes of other shows, which indirectly reminded me that we talked about the Pokémon anime before. xP Pokémon XY has gotten pretty awesome with its new season, though!
    OMFG you appeared right when I posted that! xD (Oh wait, you did mention that.) :P

    o rly ;)

    Aww, man. Or maybe you can't log in because this website got hacked back in September, and I think there were people who couldn't log in as a result of that. :/

    It was a fluke that I came back, though. xD I just accidentally stumbled upon PC's URL one day and suddenly I had a giant urge to apologize to you and Sil for how immature I was back then. XD But anyway, sup! How's everything going for you lately?
    No worries, I wasn't rushing you - I promise! XD

    And nah, that last one wasn't a mistake haha. I just re-posted the first message you ever sent me for the fun of it, and hoped you would catch on. Except you failed miserably LOL. (Just kidding, I can't blame you for that. XD)

    Also, if you click on the text from the last message, it would lead you somewhere. :P
    *high five* My sister forced me to watch it LOL.

    I'm really hoping so, buddy! The courses might suck, but the end result should hopefully be worth it! Good job passing that test, by the way. :D

    YES PLEASE. Especially Ivysaur. And maybe a Bulbasaur costume for Ivysaur? I would really be happy, haha.

    Anyway, I may have completely forgotten, but was Wolf already added as Smash 4 DLC? :o

    I tried taking a peek just now, but the site appears to be down... It can't be dead, can it? Bulbapedia is still working, so that's weird. o.o

    Ugh, research. (lol) So I'm assuming you've finished all your college math courses then?
    i love to sing, but i took classes when i was younger and i was in choir. so been there done that (:
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