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  • Not too bad! Super excited about BDSP so I thought I'd hop back on PC and see what's going on! Haven't played much pokemon in a while. I lost all my DS cartridges in a fire, so I'm starting from scratch with the shinies. :( I wasn't motivated with SS, but I think I am now!
    Ooh y'know, pretty much the same. Working, playing Pokemon, the whole dance. How's your life goin
    Hey G!!!! It's been a long while but I'm back yet again ^^ How are you doing, whatacha hunting & congrats on the 10 years!!
    Good luck on your path to 100 shinies, will 100 be something special?
    Hi there! I don't know if you remember me, but we used to be friends on here so I thought I'd reach out. :)
    Aww, no, thank you! It has been an honor! You and every member of the club deserve it. :)
    Unfortunately not. I got to about 5000 eggs on Cyndaquil, 2000 resets on Type: Null, and 3000 eggs on Mawile before giving up on each. Hopefully I will have better luck on my next hunt.
    Oh my gosh wow way to make me cringe hahahaha.

    I haven't shiny hunted probably since that gen tbh but sure, feel free to add me hahah!
    I appreciate your investment in the club! :) I definitely wasn't thinking about the history and legacy of it. I'm sorry for that and I should have explained with more clarity;

    There will come a point that the thread will become too big, and that generally causes double posting, lagging, and other errors in the thread. While I'm moved by your compassion, please understand that this is a matter of user-forum experience and not at all coming from a desire to see a piece of PC's history destroyed.

    Out of respect for you as the original owner, I'm giving you a heads-up here. While I will personally do everything in my power as a moderator to make sure the thread stays public and accessible, the thread will continue to reduce user experience the longer it goes and will eventually need to be remade.

    I hope that you do choose to collect the history of that thread and use it as a platform to launch a new and greater one. If I've at all been unclear, please feel free to contact an administrator!
    hey! the shiny hunting club is getting pretty long, would you be up for remaking it?
    Shiny Bulbasaur obtained and evolved to Venusaur. :)
    I'll check the club out. Thanx.
    If I get a shiny male Eevee, I'll evolve it into an Espeon (to go with my shiny Umbreon) and if it's female, I think a shiny Sylveon would be cool. Best of luck, I also wanna hunt some shiny starters (tried and given up breeding a shiny Froakie so many times?????? )
    It was a similar name to the one I'm using now, I was thinking about chaining a shiny Eevee or Luxio in Omega Ruby next, yourself?
    Hey G! how are the hunts going? :D Hit kinda of a dry spell. Going for vulpix & caterpie that golden bug ahhh ^^
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