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  • Hi, I hope it's alright that I added you for your friend safari. My fc is 1118-0375-9041 and my safari is ghost with shuppet, pumpkaboo and golurk.
    Thanks Mat. I've got some adamant Shinx left, I'll be happy to give you one.

    I'd like to trade again the female Noibat for a male one if you have one of course.

    The Dragonite was just an Inner Focus one, I'll try for a Multiscale sometime too.
    Sorry for exiting out. I forgot about Scyther for a minute xD

    Congratz on the Shinx, I want one :P Can you breed me one?

    The Fletchling I offered was Gale Wings Adamant with like 4/5 IV's

    I don't ever offer bad stuff, you should look at the summary of the pokemon I offer. Was that Multiscale Dragonite? I want to breed for a good IV one sometime.
    Hi! I've added your FC if you don't mind.
    My FC is 4441-9570-7639. My friend said that it has oddish, ivysaur and quilladin.
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