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  • happy to see you back in action dude! the new demo of pokemon re_imagined is out today!
    Gonna need to reschedule our battle. My preferred times are same as before. Let me know what works for you.
    When do you wanna battle for Old Gen Random? Preferred times are evenings on weekdays and any time on weekends (GMT -4).
    sorry for being a jerk. thank you for not being a jerk in return. thank you for the save file. but most importantly of all thank you for not playing my game because there was some glitches that i had to fix and if you ever wanted to play it tell me to give you the patch.
    me: the development speed of my game depends on you.
    you: meh... f*** you and your game's development speed.
    can you also give me your save file from:
    c:\users\(window name)\saved games\pokemon re_imagined
    im really going to need it.
    also read anything that is readable (signs. those poster thingys in dept store. etc...) just for the lulz.
    hiya. just wanted to tell you that i uploaded a sneak peek between third and fourth gym of my game. it's not really long but you should definitely play it for sake of development speed.
    Hey man I just wanted to give you a heads up about a possible point of confusion coming up. We changed the plot order a little bit, so you can't get into Silph Co. when you normally would. Instead, cycling road opens up at that time, allowing you to go down to fuchsia, and work your way back up to Snorlax on route 12. The key to getting into Silph Co is talking to Vanessa on route 13 (then optionally on route 12). A lot of people were thrown off by that change so we're going to make it more obvious in the next beta, but for now the best we can do is give people a heads up. That should be the last of the confusing stuff. Cheers!

    EDIT: one more thing - you may want to talk to the people in Celadon Pokecenter again. They don't give you anything, but they tell you something important.
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