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  • Thanks for the trade, too! Sorry for being so crappy at responding. Totally my own fault. Feel free to join the PC trade community on Discord; people like Soapy, Road, Denrew, TigerMask, and other shop owners are on there. I actually do the majority of my trades on Discord now as opposed to on PC.
    Sorry, having connection issues and also doinga lot of things. @@ Should work now!
    All good! As it is a different DS you will need my FC, which is 2380-6200-9787.
    All good, most of the time it's a problem like that haha. I'll request you!
    OHH it's the Dusk one, I forgot haha. I am on Moon so of course it won't send over. Uhh send over other stuff that is not USUM exclusive first, then I'll take Rockruff on my Japanese UM.
    Hm? Are you not taking all the other things you requested? I have 14 other Pokemon for you. @w@
    OKAY, I finally have everything together and can trade! Are you still okay? @@
    Agh sorry, the week ended up being super busy. @@ I will be around to trade in just a bit here! (You're Andy right? I realize I acepted but didn't know who you were, and I have nothing cloned for you yet so I nee a little time. @w@)
    Awesome! I'm fairly certain 10 AM will be perfect. As it is I only have an event in the evening. I'll confirm later in the week!
    Indeed it does! Sounds good to me! I am fairly certain I'll have time to trade this weekend, so let me know what time will work, but I will have to let you know if it's alright closer to the day,
    Hiya! Sorry, I did see it, but I've been very busy lately and haven't gotten around to answering. @@ I did count up the credits and you have waaaaaay less than the 20ish or whatever it is I owe you, so if you have more you want please choose! (Remember that I have a listing of what everything is worth in my first post, and an explanation of all the markings and stuff in a spoiler in the "Offerings" post; that's how you know what is self-obtained by me.)
    Yeesh yeah, get some sleep. @w@ Ah yes, that would be super appreciated, thank you! Take care! c:
    WHEW, thanks so much!! I'll jot down the credits I owe you, feel free to stop by again anytime! ^^
    (Unfortunately it's unlikely I'll get any Shiny UBs that I'll be allowed to trade, so I'm not sure I'll be of much use, but certainly check back periodically!)
    Dang that's a lot haha. I'll get some spares ready and be online in a sec!
    Sorry for the wait, I had some things I had to deal with. @@ Are you still okay on time? I need a few more minutes to organize things and then I can trade! Also if you could let me know how many Pokemon I'll be getting from you that'd be cool too.
    Thanks again for the trades today! That Rhyperior isn't leaving my game cartridge, this time... hah! And the Zapdos is pretty cool, too - the Fast Ball is a perfect fit for it, I think, & it's OT name is actually my father's name... so I found that pretty neat. Thanks for your help! Hope you enjoy the Scizor/Camerupt combo.
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