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  • damn i was away longer than i thought........

    you could try being like a bosh, close enough to posh and huge meme points for my boy chris boshtrich
    i had checked out too much to really invest in post-latias dpp. one meta ive always wanted to see is unbanning all the banned dragons and just banning outrage and draco meteor. would have been fascinating.

    adv is my first love and it's great, but i can't help but think dugtrio is cancer and ruins it a little bit.

    what's the poshest thing you do or own
    Welcome to impractical degree hell! But that's cool--like England?

    If your favorite old gen in RBY I'm going to disown you.
    Well, lots to catch up on. I majored in history for undergrad, graduated a few years ago, then bounced around. Volunteered for the Clinton campaign (RIP LOL), did some non political volunteer work, self-taught programming and eventually got a job doing it, which I started at the beginning of the year. That has consumed my life since but I'm starting to adjust a bit more. I've actually been using the money (besides living/savings) on some Pokemon cards and getting Smash Melee.

    How about you?
    England sucks, why'd you move here haha.

    I dont play anything these days, ventured into NU and PU like 6 months ago lol that was fun.

    And a few of them are still around i think...me, anti, syndrome, wolf etc are. Honestly im not sure why im here, mostly to read old pm's and threads etc i suppose. :\
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    Everything's been okay, just hectic with working and stuff. Have you gotten any nasty weather?

    By the time you get this, my name change may have gone through
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