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  • All it can do is expand the effectiveness table and the names. Anything else you'll need to take care of yourself to complete the expansion.
    Yes, I've actually added the type, and I've done the repointing. I found that I had setup the table wrong and I used an editor to set up the table, but it's still not working.

    Here's the editor I used:
    -Did you set up the table correctly? Using the right number for the type, using the 2x multiplier, and the correct defending type?
    -Did you set the attack to the correct type, and is the opposing pokemon the correct type?
    -Are you sure you've done the repointing correctly?
    -Are you sure you've actually added the type?
    I think I explained how to in the tut, but to do so:
    1. Get the address of the repointed table: e.g/ ABCDEF
    2. Split into sections of 2: AB CD EF
    3. Reverse it: EF CD AB
    4. Slap 08 onto the end: EF CD AB 08. That's your pointer.
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